Top 9 Questions of Parents of Skateboarders

Kid in jeans riding a skateboard

 Paris Jeans

When your child wants to learn skateboarding, you will have many questions about this activity. If you've never skateboarded, it will all be new territory. But even if you participated when you were young, you may wonder how things have changed. Here are some common questions and answers.

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What size of skateboard is good for kids?

The basics of buying a skateboard for your child include deciding on the size and the quality of the board. There is no reason why children should have a smaller board. A standard adult-size board will work as well for a 4-year-old and a 40-year-old. Instead, you can decide whether to get a beginner or rookie-grade board, which will work well on the sidewalk or street, or a pro-grade board that will shine at the skate park.

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What kind of skateboarding parts should I buy?

Skateboard parts have gotten a little complicated. With all of the sizes and measurements, buying the right parts or the right skateboard can be scary, so it pays to read more about them first. You can also walk into a local skateboard shop and ask them for help if seeing the stuff right in front of you would be more helpful.

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Does my skateboarder child really need all of this equipment?

You want your child to be protected and have fun, but you may wonder what is necessary and how much you should spend to get the right quality of gear. Learn more about skate shoes, helmets, and pads.

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How do I make skateboarding safer?

Skateboarding is a dangerous activity—there's just no way around it. There are things that you can do to improve your child's safety while he or she skates. Knowing how to fall safely is one. Using protective equipment is also essential.

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Are breaking skateboards and tearing shoes normal?

Skateboarders tend to break a lot of stuff. Skateboards tend to be at the top of the list, skateboard shoes get blown out and ripped up, pants get ripped, and parents can often wonder if this is normal. Learn why these things happen and what to expect.  You probably want to make sure your skater isn't just being too rough.

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My daughter wants to skate, but is uncomfortable...

Skateboarding can be intimidating for girls. It can feel like a boy's club, and that women aren't allowed. If you are a female skater, you might feel uncomfortable skating in public, or out on the street with the guys. Many women feel nervous about going to skate parks. What should you do to make things easier for your daughter, and what things can she do to help herself?

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How do I find contests for my son or daughter?

Contests are a great way for your child to meet other skaters and to enjoy a challenge, but finding contests can be tricky. There are several competitions for amateur skaters who don't have sponsors yet and who want to compete in skateboarding.

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Am I too old to learn to skate with my kid?

Skating with your child is a great way to bond, have fun together, and be active. It's not too late to get started. But you should know a few tips on how to have a better experience if you are learning skateboarding as an adult.

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What should I do to help my kid become a pro skateboarder?

What can you do to help further your kid's skateboarding ability? A pro skateboarding career might be your child's dream job. While you don't want to be unrealistic, you can also take steps to help your child reach her potential and give her the best shot at a pro career.