Top 5 Details to Include in Your Commercial Agent Biography

Your broker biography will oftentimes be the first thing a potential client sees if he’s looking for representation online. In some ways, it’s just like showing a prospective employer your resume. With this in mind, it’s important to include a few key elements in your biography that paint you as an asset to commercial real estate players.

Commercial real estate brokerage is in many ways very different from residential.  Some residential agents try to break into commercial but fail.  They must understand the very different type of customer with whom they're dealing.  Business owners and major commercial property investors are far more number-oriented than the residential customer.

The commercial real estate seller has owned their property and enjoyed investment returns, and they will want to hire a listing agent who knows something about their business and can appreciate the investment returns and what buyers will be wanting in their property type. 

Commercial real estate buyers will want to know that their agent has the knowledge and experience to make sure they make no mistakes.  This includes helping them to evaluate a property from many different perspectives, from environmental to cash flow.

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Years of Experience

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Your depth of experience is probably the number-one detail buyers and sellers are going to look at when choosing an agent. While most people want to list the number of years they’ve worked as a commercial real estate agent, it’s better to list the year you began in the business. This keeps your biography evergreen, which is important unless you plan to update it every year.

If you're brand new this can be a problem, but everyone must start somewhere.  Some agents do not advertise that they're new, but they'll almost certainly get asked the question unless they're referred.

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Type of Experience

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Think back on all your commercial real estate activity over the years. Then, begin to categorize it by geography, property type and deal type. This will help you flesh out your specialties if they weren’t already evident.

Chances are that you have one or two main specialties that are crystal clear, but by combing through your past activity you may also find that you’ve closed a fair amount of small business deals in a particular city. Be sure to list all your areas of expertise in your broker bio to attract the widest net of clients.

You can use other than closed business.  If you spent time and effort in evaluating property types that didn't end up closing, this is also experience.  In fact, buyers will appreciate that you helped others to avoid poor investments.

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Former Employers

Though expanding on your current expertise and specialties will take priority, you should take readers through a brief account of your commercial real estate employment history. List previous industry employers, your specialties, and your main job duties.

Always if you can, reach out to those employers for references, or at least the commitment to give you a good reference if they're called.

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Notable Achievements

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If permitted, use tangible numbers in your biography to demonstrate your value as a commercial real estate agent. Your annual transaction volume and the total number of square feet you have leased are ideal figures to include in your bio. You should also tout any awards that you or your team has received, as well as any mentions in local or industry publications.

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Education and Affiliations

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End your biography with your credentials. List your advanced degrees, majors, and alma maters, followed by any special licenses you hold and your relevant affiliations. These affiliations may include trade organizations, charities, community groups, or professional networking associations. Be sure to mention any important positions you held on these boards as well.