War Movies Coming Soon to Theaters Near You

From Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2 to Rambo taking on the cartels, these are the war films coming to cinemas near you within the next few calendar years. 

Captain America: Civil War

Release Date: May 2016

Anticipation Level: High

What's Known:  Captain America's latest venture is serving as more of a mini-Avengers film (with Iron Man, the Black Widow, and others playing large roles) than a stand-alone film for Captain America. 

Thoughts: Captain America apparently goes rogue in this film to protect his friend Bucky, who is wanted as a terrorist by the U.S. government.  It's going to be great fun to see all American patriot Steve Rogers aka Captain America turn himself into a fugitive.  Can't wait!   (And yes, I consider this a war film.)  Early buzz on the film is that it's fantastic.

We'll see...

Code Name: Johnny Walker

Code Name: Johnny Walker
Courtesy 28 Entertainment

Release Date: 2016

Anticipation Level: High

What's Known: Based on the best-selling book, this is an Iraq war film from the point of view of an Iraqi interpreter that worked with a Navy SEAL team. Targeted for death for helping the Americans, the interpreter (code-named Johnny Walker) nonetheless helped U.S. forces track down Iraqi insurgents, and ended up saving many American lives. 

Thoughts: Not only does this look to be a high energy intense film, but I'm especially looking forward to a film that shares the story of an Iraqi interpreter! 

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Release Date: 2016

Anticipation Level: Moderate

What's Known:  Nic Cage stars in this film which tells the tale of the sinking of the Indianapolis at the tail end of the second World War.  It's a famous sinking because both its true and it combines two of the most horrible deaths someone can think of:  Drowning and sharks.  The survivors were left alone in the water for days as sharks had a feeding frenzy.  (It was made famous by a reference in the film Jaws.)

Thoughts: I'd love to see a movie about this historical story...but I'm a bit worried that Nicolas Cage is attached to it.  As my recent breakdown of Cage's career has demonstrated, Cage isn't known for being ultra selective or in choosing quality scripts.  The result then is moderate anticipation.

Free State of Jones


Release Date:  2016

Anticipation Level:  High

What's Known: Matthew McConaughey stars in this Civil War era film (a true story) about a small county of non-slave owners that - disagreeing with the Confederacy on the issue of slavery - rebelled to form their own independent state.  

Thoughts: This is a story that I've never heard of and that's why I love war movies - to learn about history that I otherwise would have missed, bringing to life rich and important characters from our collective past.  The early trailers look pretty stunning - here's to hoping that it, at least, somewhat skews to real life, because, at the end of the day, this film is going to be all that most of us know about this chapter in American history.

Top Gun 2

Release Date: 2017

Anticipation Level: High

What's Known: Tom Cruise is back for this much delayed sequel. Maverick finds himself in a post-Cold War world where dog fights in the sky is all but a dead art - instead drones are the buzz word of the day. 

Thoughts: Should be fun to see Cruise back in his iconic role!



Release Date: TBD

Anticipation Level:  Moderate

What's Known: Based on the book of the same name by Eric Blehm, it's the story of Adam Brown, and his struggle to defeat personal demons, including drug addiction and jail in order to realize his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL.

Thoughts: Execution on this will be everything.  Could swing towards a tired cliche drama or a fresh take on an old story.

House to House (In-Development)


Release Date:  TBD 

Anticipation Level:  TBD

What's Known: Information is limited about this film, but it's about the 2nd Battle for Fallujah - which, is a film that's needed to be made for a long time!  (Though between this and the Battle for Fallujah, I'll be happy if just one movie about the Fallujah siege gets made.)

Thoughts: There's been talk of a movie detailing the events at Fallujah for years.  At one point, Harrison Ford was to star in a Fallujah-centric film that fell through.  It'll be nice to finally see this iconic battle in American history, and the battle for Iraq, brought to the big screen.

Battle for Fallujah


Release Date:  TBD

Anticipation Level:  High

What's Known:  The pantheon of Iraq war movies simply would not be complete without a war movie about the Battle for Fallujah.  A film, aptly titled The Battle for Fallujah, has been knocking around Hollywood for several years.  Based on the best-selling Bing West book, No True Glory, this film is purportedly back in early pre-production.  No word yet if long-time star Harrison Ford is still attached.

Thoughts: Same as the above film.

Rambo: Last Blood


Release Date: TBD

Anticipation Level: High

What's Known:  Rambo's "last film" (wasn't Rambo 4 supposed to be the last film?) where he takes on the Mexican cartels.  Should be interesting given that Rambo will be 70+ years old!

Thoughts: Rambo has always been a guilty pleasure for me, since the very first - highly underrated - First Blood.  The last film was ultra-violent on a level that makes even most violent movies whiter with shame, and sometimes that's fun in an over the top action movie.  Also, I'm interested to see how they can possibly have a 69 year old man do battle with the cartels.