3 Comfortable Shapewear Brands

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Modern Shapewear

Updated by Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell January 31st, 2016

Shaping undergarments have come a long way. 

In the past, practically every woman was obligated by societal norms or clothing designs to forcibly shape their silhouette with a corset or waist cincher. The undergarments created a foundation for the clothing, and garments took on the shape of what was underneath. Now, wearing such undergarments is a style choice. In addition, bustiers and corsets have blossomed into mainstream fashion and ready-to-wear. Typically, these modern versions are designed with more flexible, breathable materials than those from our past. 

Today, the majority of women prefer modern shapewear styles that are comfortable enough to wear every day. Brands and shoppers strive to compliment the curves of a woman's body, and fashion designers have embraced more relaxed and stretchy clothing styles that fit a woman's natural shape. The new desire is to smooth out bumps and lumps, creating a sleek but natural silhouette for clothing. This new trend in the fashion industry means a wide array of comfortable and soft shapewear options. 

Here are three brands that each make modern, comfortable, and easy-to-wear shapewear. 

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Spanx Power Short

Spanx by Sara Blakely has a major celebrity following, and for good reason. It was one of the first shapewear brands designed to be seamless and comfortable, sparking a revolution in the shapewear industry.

Spanx describes its product style as "non-binding," which is what makes its shapers comfortable enough to wear every day. The lightweight fabric blends with skin for a seamless look. Most known for their vast array of shapewear shorts options, they have expanded their offerings to bras, slips, bodysuits, camisoles, pants, and more. 

The popular Power Panty, which made a splash on The Oprah Winfrey Show, was updated to the Power Short (shown above), which was "reformulated using softer yarns and offering smoother results with less squeeze." Spanx offers several rises, materials, and lengths in their shapewear collection. Try something lighter and seamless under a clingy skirt, or something longer under pants. There's truly something for everyone!  

Check out the Power Short by Spanx available on Amazon.com.

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Commando Control

Commando Control Cami

Commando is known for its seamless line of thongs and slips. Now the brand has taken that concept and translated it into its new line of control shapewear.

The brand boasts no 'tugging, twisting or torture' when slipping into their shapewear, and that the high-tech fabric will leave you looking 'smooth, not stuffed.' The real difference in this brand is their signature raw, seamless edge. The material lays on your body like a second skin. Control styles include: shorts, leggings, slips, and camisoles.

Check out the Commando Control V-Tank on Amazon.com.

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Yummie Tummie

Yummie Tummie shirt

Yummie Tummie describes its styles as "modern body contouring shapers." Most importantly, what makes the brand modern and comfortable is that it is designed to be worn everyday, not just on special occasions. While women may put up with suffering a few hours of discomfort in an effort to look better for one night, they yearn for something more comfortable to wear on a regular basis. The brand mentions that wearing their product leads to confidence because you can "feel free to move, to breathe, to run to your next activity, to get their attention at work, or to dance the night away" in their line of shapewear items.

This innovative brand wants to spread the word that comfortable shapewear can be synonymous with shaping power. "Our tummy slimmers take five pounds off your appearance comfortably," says their site, "hourglass shaping bottoms slim with a hug." The combination of a hug and a shaping effect comes from hidden panels made from soft cotton. 

Yummie Tummie's styles include tanks, full slips, half slips, bike shorts, briefs and leggings.

Check out Yummie Tummie's Leona Firm Control Convertible Plunging Slip on Amazon.com