Colored Jeans Guide: How to Wear Every Color of Denim

How to Style Colored Denim (Plus a Video)

Street style in jeans
Wear saturated colors of denim to look fresh now. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Do you live in your jeans, but crave different fashion options? Wearing colored denim can be a fun way to switch up your look and get attention in your outfits. Consider this your go-to guide to the brands and styles of colored jeans, and how to style them easily in your wardrobe to create different looks for casual weekends, the office and dressed up occasions.

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How to Wear It: Colored Denim

Chambray shirt and red jeans outfit
A denim shirt acts as a neutral with colored jeans. APC

This How To Wear It guide from is a practical fashion handbook for how to work colored jeans into your everyday wardrobe. You'll find out what shades of denim to wear for different occasions, how to style the different denim colors with your other closet basics, and tips on some of our favorite brands to buy.

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7 Colored Denim Jeans You Need in Your Life

Street style in jeans
Wear saturated colors of denim to look fresh now. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Get ready to go shopping for your next pair(s) of colored jeans with our round-up of the best saturated shades of denim to wear this year. We get more specific about brands and styles in this up-to-date guide. You'll find modern fits and shades of colored jeans here that make it easy to create stylish, attention-getting outfits. Plus, we've included tips on wearing these trendy styles with everything else you already own.

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What to Wear With Grey Jeans

Grey jeans and sheer black blouse
A sheer black blouse is sexy over skinny black jeans. 7 for All Mankind

Chic grey jeans are incredibly stylish and a great way to dress up in denim. You can wear grey jeans just about everywhere in your life, from dressing up at parties to more casual occasions. We're especially partial to a slim-fitting pair of grey denims for looking slinky on date night -- this look will make you feel quite Parisian. They also make a great alternative to trousers on jeans-friendly days at the office. Here are our best tips for styling grey jeans in your wardrobe, with easy-to-copy outfit ideas for work and play.

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How to Wear and Style Floral Print Jeans

Floral jeans outfit
Floral jeans are a pretty fashion trend to try. Dolce & Gabbana

Colorful, floral print jeans are a delightful way to bring a feminine vibe into your day-to-day outfits. While you may think of floral denim as an obvious choice for spring and summer fashion, the nice thing about the latest crop of flowered denim from designers is the wide range of patterns and color palettes, making them more versatile to wear year-round. Whether your fashion vibe tends more toward the girly or edgy, there's a floral jean to suit just about every woman now. See for yourself in our popular guide to floral jeans style, including how to wear them with your other separates. 

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Stylish Ways to Wear Pastel Jeans

River Island pink biker jeans
River Island pink biker jeans. River Island

Pastel jeans can bring a softer feel to your outfits with denim. If you've ever been tempted to buy a pastel hue of jeans -- but been challenged by what to wear with them -- we've got tips for you on how to style these pretty pants and look like a grown-up. Take a look at our guide to styling pastel denim with your wardrobe, including different outfits you can wear for activities such as brunch, shopping with friends and even on dates.

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10 Outfit Ideas for White Jeans

Date outfit with white jeans
Chic date outfit with white jeans. Frame Denim

White jeans are a summer fashion essential -- but did you know they can be worn year-round? We've got plenty of ideas here for how you can wear chic, stylish white jeans to look fashionable now. And because not everyone is convinced that she looks best in skinny jeans, we've included outfit ideas different types of white jeans in this guide, from skinny jeans to cropped, flared and even super-distressed boyfriend jean styles.

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Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear White Jeans

Woman in ripped jeans street style photo
Kick back in destructed white jeans. Merilyn Smith/Getty Images

This is a handy guide if you want to make sure you're looking your best in white jeans. We're big advocates of wearing white denim throughout the year -- but we're the first to admit there are certain things you have to get right when you wear white denim, if you don't want to sabotage your style (or embarrass yourself). Here, get clued in to the most common mistakes women make when they wear white jeans, so you can do a double-check and be sure to look your (appropriate) best when you wear them.

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How to Wear Black Jeans Now

Date outfit with black jeans
Add sparkle to a black jeans outfit. 7 for All Mankind

Black jeans are so versatile in a woman's wardrobe, you probably already own a pair. Whether you do, or you're thinking of investing in new black jeans, we've put together this style guide to inspire you to pair this fashion staple with different pieces in your wardrobe.  And if your black jeans have been hanging in your closet unloved, we're here to inspire you to wear them more often, with outfit ideas that you can wear from the office to cocktails and for casual weekend days.

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7 Outfits With Printed Jeans for the Office

Snakeskin print jeans are instantly dressed up for holiday fun. Mother Denim

Denim embossed with fashionable patterns offers a different way to dress up in jeans. We guide you through the patterns that look right at the office, plus offer you ideas for wearing them with your other work separates to look professional and stylish. 

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The Best Pink Jeans (Perfect for #BCAM)

Asos pink skinny jeans
Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in style by wearing shocking pink jeans. Asos

You don't have to wait for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (#BCAM) to wear pretty pink jeans, though they're certainly a great way to support the cure in style. Pink denim adds a fun pop of color to your outfits and can be styled to look fierce or feminine, depending on the shade of pink you choose and what else you wear with them. We pick our favorite pink jeans to buy, plus share ideas for how to style them in your wardrobe.

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Video: How to Wash Colored Jeans

Old Navy Colored Jeans and Chambray Shirt
Old Navy Colored Jeans and Chambray Shirt. Old Navy

Do you know how to handle saturated hues of denim with the TLC they need, to keep them looking true to color for longer? Watch this video to learn how to prevent their dye from bleeding and other tips you need to wash your colored jeans properly.