Cheerleading Cheers, Chants and Yells

Cheerleading Cheers for Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Competition

SD Dirk/CC BY 2.0

Here's our latest collection of cheers, chants and yells for cheerleaders. If you have a favorite cheer you haven't seen listed, send it in.

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Submitted by: Cheerbug

Watch out, we're here!
Everybody stand clear!
Let's shout, let's cheer!
Our victory is near!
Lions! L-I-O-N-S!
That's our name; we are the best!
Yes! Lions are the best!
Lions are the best!
We're in control!
Lions can't be beat!
Victory how sweet!

Submitted by: Pooh

They got the ball
We want the ball
So take it away

Submitted by: Julie

Get a touchdown
Stop the clock
Gotta get down (clap)

Submitted by: Juli

Clap your hands (clap hands three times)
Stomp your feet(stomp feet three times)
Clap your hands (clap your hands three times)
Stomp your feet(stomp your feet three times)
We're the Hawks that can't be beat!
(repeat as many times as you want)

Submitted by: Zuri

I'm a Cougar from Cougar town
and only a Cougar can knock me down
If you don't like my apples,
don't shake my tree
'cause I'm a Cougar
Don't mess with me!

Submitted by: Baby boy

Yell for the (name of your team)
We can't be beat
So watch out (your opponent)
We'll knock you off your feet!

Submitted by: Victoria

Sit in the car
Press on the gas
Move aside
Let the Panthers (your team) pass! repeat x3

Submitted by: Charlotte

Touch down boys, one more time!
Over the line
Over the line
Touch down boys, one more time! Repeat 3 Times

Submitted by: Ashley

Shake, shake, shake
What you got
Everyone yell -
Maroon, gray, and white
Repeat 1x
Come on (your team) let's get ready to fight!

Submitted by: Korbyn

You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track,
but when it comes to football
You might as well step back
you might as well step back!

Submitted by: Jordan

We're number 1, not 2, not 3 not 4
We're gonna win, not lose, not tie the score
We're on the top, not bottom, not in between
We're the Jaguar girls and we're really mean!

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