Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Codes for PC

Unlock god mode, get every weapon, and more cheats for Windows

As with the other entries in the Call of Duty series, the PC edition of Call of Duty: World at War has cheat codes that you won't find in the console versions. For example, you can get access to every weapon, disable enemy AI, and even walk through walls.

These cheats are exclusively for the Windows version. There are separate cheats for Call of Duty: World at War for PlayStation 3 and the Wii version.

How to Enable Cheats

Call of Duty: World At War
Joannie Dennis / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

To take advantage of codes, enable cheats for your current map:

  1. Go to the Options menu and enable the console window.

  2. During gameplay, press the tilde (~) key to display the console window.

  3. Type devmap map code and press Enter to enable cheats.

Replace map code with the code for the map that you are currently on. For example, if you're on the Hard Landing level, enter devmap pel2 to turn on cheats.

A full list of map codes is listed below. To see the name of the current map, type map into the cheat console and press Enter.

Cheat Codes

After enabling cheats for the current map, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat.

Cheat Code
God Mode god
All Weapons give all
Disable AI  notarget
Walk Through Walls noclip
List Maps mapname
Display Current Map Code  map
Change Maps devmap map code
Black-and-white Mode sf_use_bw 1
Infinite Ammo sf_use_ignoreammo 1
Photo Negative Mode sf_use_invert 1
Sepia Mode sf_use_chaplin 1
All Guns Have Lasers cg_laserForceOn 1

Map Codes

Use these codes with the devmap cheat code to activate cheats for the desired level.

Map Code
Semper Fi  mak
Little Resistance pel1
Hard Landing pel2
Vendetta sniper
Their Land, Their Blood see1
Burn 'em Out pel1a
Relentless pel1b
Blood and Iron see2
Ring of Steel ber1
Eviction ber2
Black Cats pby_fly
Blowtorch and Corkscrew oki2
Breaking Point oki3
Heart of the Reich ber3
Downfall ber3b
Nacht der Untoten nazi_zombie_prototype

If you enter a code for a map other than the one you are currently on, you're transported to the indicated map with cheat mode enabled.

How to Activate Cheats in Co-op Mode

You must collect secret Death Cards during the main campaign in order to use cheats in co-op mode. They are usually found near the abandoned equipment of fallen soldiers.

Hidden Modes

The PC version of COD: World at War contains two hidden modes:

  • Veteran mode increases the difficulty of enemies in co-op games. Obtain level 32 in multiplayer to unlock Veteran mode.
  • Zombie mode or Nacht der Untoten, is playable after you beat the solo campaign. Once unlocked, play by yourself or with others at any time.

Where to Find the Ray Guns

During the "Little Resistance" mission, find four holes in the ground on the mainland. Stand in each hole momentarily from right to left to make four statues emerge. Each one will be holding a ray gun for your taking.

Manage Your Weapons

Much of the game's challenge comes in the form of inventory management. You can carry no more than two guns at one time, and you lose one of the weapons you're currently holding as soon as you pick up another one. Therefore, hold on to powerful weapons like the Flamethrower for as long as you can.

How to Counter Banzai Attacks

You may sometimes see a button prompt appear briefly on the screen when an enemy charges at you. Press the correct button fast enough to pull off a counter-attack.

Cooking Grenades

Enemies can toss the grenades you throw right back at you, so hold down the grenade button for a few seconds to "cook" them first. Time it so that the grenade explodes on impact, but don't hold on for too long or it'll blow up in your face.

Obey Your Commanders

Paying attention to your commanders' advice can save your life. For example, they'll tell you when you should cover fire or throw a grenade, so keep the volume on your computer high enough to hear them.

Zombie Mode

Zombie mode is a secret game you can play after watching the end credits. The goal of this arcade-style mini-game is to protect your cabin from incoming zombies for as long as possible. The enemies get progressively tougher, and the onslaught never ends, but you'll unlock new weapons each time you earn 1000 points.