Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats for PC

Level select and more cheat codes for Windows and Mac

The Call of Duty series has become synonymous with the first-person shooter genre. In addition to level and mission select codes, the PC edition of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has cheat codes that let players alter gravity, restore health, refill ammo, and get any weapon when they need it.

Person playing Call of Duty 4 with cheats
Llifewire / Chloe Giroux

These cheats are exclusively for the Windows and Mac versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

How to Enable Cheats for COD 4: Modern Warfare on PC

To use the cheat codes in the PC version of COD 4: Modern Warfare:

  1. From the main menu, select Options > Game Option > Enable Console to activate the cheat console.

  2. Press the tilde key (~) to open the dev-console.

  3. Type seta thereisacow "1337" and press Enter.

  4. Type spdevmap bog_a and press Enter. You will then start at The Bog level.

  5. Exit the level, then load your save file or start a new game with cheats enabled.

COD 4: Modern Warfare PC Cheat Codes

Press the tilde key (~) to display the console and enter the following codes to activate cheats. Some cheats require you to append extra information such as a value.

You can deactivate most cheats by re-entering the code in the console.

Cheat Code Effect
give all Get all weapons.
give health Refill the health meter.
god Activate God mode (invincibility).
demigod Activate God mode but the screen still shakes.
noclip Turn off clipping (walk through walls).
notarget Make enemies ignore you.
give ammo Refill your ammo.
jump_height number (Default is 39) Adjust gravity.
timescale number (Default is 1.00) Adjust time.
cg_LaserForceOn 1 Add lasers to all weapons.
cg_drawGun Remove gun.
cg_fov Zoom with any gun.
r_fullbright Turn display to full brightness.
ufo Activate flight mode.
weapon 32 Shoot rifles in automatic mode.
give rpg Get an RPG.
give g3 Get a G3.
give mp5 Get an MP5.
give dragunov Get a Dragunov.
give beretta Get a Beretta.
give usp Get a USP.
give saw Get a SAW.
give m9 Get an M9.
give stinger Get a Stinger.
give javelin Get a Javelin.
toggle cg_drawgun Hide arm and gun to boost the frame rate.
toggle g_entinfo Show scripts over important objects/soldiers.
toggle r_fastsky Remove the sky.
toggle cg_draw2d Remove screen information for a cleaner UI.
toggle r_showtris Activate wire frame mode.
map_restart Restart the current level.
kill Commit suicide.
cmdlist List all console commands.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Level Select Codes

Use these Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare cheats to play any level in single-player mode:

Cheat Code Effect
map bastogne1 Play Mission 1: Bastogne 1
map bastogne2 Play Mission 2: Bastogne 2
map foy Play Mission 3: Foy
map noville Play Mission 4: Noville
map bomber Play Mission 5: Bomber
map trainbridge Play Mission 6: Train Bridge
map sicily1 Play Mission 7: Sicily 1
map sicily2 Play Mission 8: Sicily 2
map trenches Play Mission 9: Trenches
map ponyri Play Mission 10: Ponyri
map kursk Play Mission 11: Kursk
map kharkov1 Play Mission 12: Kharkov 1
map kharkov2 Play Mission 13: Kharkov 2

COD 4: Modern Warfare In-Game Cheats

There are additional cheats that you can unlock by collecting secret intel hidden throughout the game. These cheats can be toggled on-and-off at will and become available after you find the required pieces of intel.

Cheat Name How to Unlock Effect
COD Noir Collect two pieces of intel. Black and white filter
Photo-Negative Collect four pieces of intel. Inverted colors
Super Contrast Collect six pieces of intel. Increased contrast
Ragtime Warfare Collect eight pieces of intel. Silent move mode
Cluster Bombs Collect 10 pieces of intel. More powerful Frag grenades
A Bad Year Collect 15 pieces of intel. Exploding enemies
Slow-Mo Ability Collect 20 pieces of intel. Slow motion
Infinite Ammo Collect 30 pieces of intel. Infinite ammo

How to Unlock In-Game Cheats for COD 4: Modern Warfare on PC

You can also cheat by editing a game file on your computer. To automatically get every piece of intel and unlock all in-game cheats:

  1. Open the config.cfg file in the \players\profiles\profile name\ directory with a text editor.

    Make backup copies of any game files before you edit them in case the file becomes corrupted and causes the game to crash.

  2. Change the value beside seta cheat_points to 30.

  3. Save the file and start the game to have access to all cheats.

How to Unlock the Mile High Club Mission

Beat Story mode on any difficulty and wait until the end credits finish to unlock the Mile High Club mission.

How to Play Prestige Mode

When you reach level 55, you'll unlock a new multiplayer-only mode called Prestige mode, which resets your level back to one. Beat Prestige mode up to 10 times to earn all 10 prestige medals.

How to Get Golden Weapons

Unlock the gold skin for weapons by completing various challenges.

Weapon How to Unlock
Golden Ak-47 Complete every Assault Rifle challenge.
Golden Desert Eagle Reach level 55.
Golden Dragonuv Complete every Sniper challenge.
Golden M1014 Complete every Shotgun challenge.
Golden M60 Complete every LMG challenge.
Golden Mini-Uzi Complete every SMG challenge.

System Requirements to Run Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on PC

The minimum requirements to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on PC are as follows:

  • CPU: Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, Athlon 64 2800+.
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum (768 MB for Windows Vista), 1 GB recommended (2 GB for Windows Vista).
  • OS: At least Windows XP.
  • Hard Drive Space: 8 GB of uncompressed disk space plus 600 MB for Windows swap file.
  • 6X DVD-ROM, sound card, and DirectX version 9.0c.
  • Video Card: 128 MB 3D Hardware Accelerated Card or better.