Cobra Libre

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The Bottom Line

Ignore the name and unnecessary race car design, the Cobra Libre is a revolution in male sex toys. It's a powerful vibrator and an enveloping silicone sleeve and a toy that will make you touch yourself, and experience pleasure in new ways. Not since the Fleshlight has a sex toy designed for penises offered the possibility of such an open, intense, unique, and rollicking-good-time sexual experience.

Highly recommended!


  • Two powerful motors offer deep pulsing vibration at multiple levels and styles.
  • Made of ABS plastic and silicone, can be put under the tap for easy cleaning.
  • Touchpad controls are easy to use and clean.
  • Rechargeable, long lasting motors, runs for 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • Unique silicone sleeve and internal shape offers a range of sensations.


  • While stretchy, Cobra Libre may not accommodate all penis sizes.
  • Touchpad controls can be temperamental if lube gets on them.


  • A hard plastic body about 6" long and 3" in diameter houses controls and dual motors.
  • Silicone sleeve has a slight internal curve and soft grooves for a stretchy but snug fit.
  • Rechargeable using a magnetic charger (included), means the toy can be easily washed.
  • Available in three colors; red/black, white/black, white/blue.
  • Comes with detailed use and care instructions

Guide Review - Cobra Libre


When I first heard about the Cobra Libre I wasn't inspired. Sex toy manufacturers have always relied on worn gender and sexual stereotypes to peddle their wares, but when smaller, newer companies like Fun Factory do, it's disappointing. After all, sex toys should open up possibilities. They should help us discover more of what we're capable of in sexual thought and feeling.

So the idea of using race cars and snake imagery to sell me a sex toy seemed old and desperate. But then I got the toy.

Narrower than a wine bottle (more like a can of soda) the Cobra Libre feels a little like a game controller, only heavier, smoother and with an intriguing opening. The silicone sleeve has an opening that’s mouth like without being a mouth (which playfully leaves more to the imagination) . Even when it's not on, it's an object you want to hold, turn around in your hand, and explore. The touch pad controller is embedded in the body of the toy and easy enough to use, one button for on/off, one to cycle up through various speeds and rhythms, and one to cycle back down.

Of course it's once you've turned on the Cobra Libre that the toy shines. Two motors create an intense array of sensations and pulsations that feel more like you're being touched, rocked, and played with than buzzed on. Most toys designed for a penis rely on the familiar up/down rubbing that people with penises usually enact during solo or partner sex play. Like the Hitachi Magic Wand the wonder of the Cobra Libre is that it provides stimulation without rubbing, stimulation more than strong enough for most people to get to wherever they want to go, pleasure-wise.

The vibration isn't localized to the part of the penis touching the toy or in the sleeve, it rolls down the body, the opening of the silicone sleeve even begins to flutter at certain speeds. The internal shape of the sleeve creates an internal pocket where, once the head of the penis is inserted far enough in, a strong suction effect is created. For some this suction will be an added bonus, while others might find it too strong, and possibly numbing.

For all it’s admirable qualities (and the list is much longer than I have time for here) the Cobra Libre is not flawless. The magnetic recharger is nice because it allows the toy to be easily washed, but it's temperamental and a bother to use. The instructions also warn that getting lubricant or other liquids on the touch pad will temporarily interfere with operation.

Because plenty of lube is required when using the toy, it's difficult to avoid getting lubricant on the touchpad, and I could see this becoming frustrating for people who want to change speeds during use. Finally, while the design is pretty much perfect from a beginning and middle perspective, the fact that the sleeve is so shallow means that ejaculate has no where to go but out, resulting in a guarantee that your fun is always going to be messy. Not the worst thing in the world, but for people who don't have a lot of privacy, or just don't like a mess, having an extra towel on hand is probably a good idea.



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