Gay and Lesbian Bar Finder

A Review of the Gay Bar Finder Clubfly

Finding a gay or lesbian bar used to be a challenge when you were traveling in an unfamiliar town. Now you can forget about the hotel phonebook — which probably won't tell you all you want to know anyway — and log onto instead. Getting acquainted with gay locals is more manageable and less of a guessing game with Clubfly's easy-to-use Google maps, sprinkled with guy and girl icons designating gay or lesbian hangouts.

What Is Clubfly? 

Clubfly is a Google map-based gay bar-and-club-finder with an easily navigated visual direction. It's user-interactive. 

My Review

Clubfly is on its way to becoming a "must bookmark" page for gay travelers, or for the barfly who finds himself sitting at home, bored. It offers an easy-to-read citywide map so you can get where you want to go. Users can add their favorite venues to the map, as well as access bar reviews and graphics.

My user experience was quickly dampened, however, when a search of the bars in a local nearby town returned meager results. Clubfly is still in beta testing, so I hope the incomplete listings are a product of a young site and not a sign of a user-dependent directory. The site does not charge venues for inclusion in the listings, so a little diligence and effort should easily flesh out the extent of the results. 

Clubfly Advantages 

Navigation around the site is a breeze, and it has a professional appearance. Clubfly also provides directions to and from locations. Best of all, it provides reviews and images so you won't have to travel to a bar just to find out it's a bust or not quite what you were looking for. 

Clubfly Disadvantages

The site is still in beta, and this can be a problem with iOS 10 on iPhones and iPads, although it worked just fine on my laptop. Apple reportedly launched a fix for its iOS 10/beta problems in August 2016. If you're having problems with the site on your iPhone, download the fix and give Clubfly a try. 

Although some of the listings are incomplete, this is mostly the case with smaller cities and towns. Keep checking back as new bars are added. If its owners don't let it languish and work to iron out the kinks, it will be a great site. 

The Bottom Line 

It's understandable that popular gay hotspots have more thorough listings, but gay men have the hardest time finding gay venues in smaller towns. A focus on the underdog would yield a better user experience for Clubfly, especially for travelers who have no choice but to attend that business meeting in Ghost Town, Michigan or Who Wants To Go, Iowa.

Clubfly will be the gay bar finder of choice when its site is better populated. Its professional look and feel inspire confidence in its club reviews and the accuracy of the locations that are listed. Mapping the venues out is a definite time-saver and a plus for the discreet and regular clubber.