Try Not To Stare At These Embarrassing Clothing Design Fails

It's not what it looks like

Via Pinterest.

Most of the time, our clothing is boring and totally free of patterns that could be construed as "dirty" in any way. However, once in a while an article of clothing appears that looks... not quite right. These are those clothing design fails! Take a look.

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Every Woman's Worst Beach Day Fear


Being a woman is hard, especially because our monthly "visitor" sometimes appears out of nowhere when we're least expecting her. Now you can experience all of the shock and embarrassment of getting your period early simply by slipping on this hilariously WRONG bikini bottom. Isn't that just super terrific news?

As if we weren't already traumatized enough by those hideous hairy chest bathing suits, now there's this monstrosity. No Thanks.

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The JC Penney "Period Skirt"


No, this isn't a Photoshop disaster; it's an actual skirt that's for sale by retailer JC Penney. When a Twitter user noticed that the skirt looked a lot like a menstruation accident, the image quickly went viral.

In a refreshingly transparent move, JC Penney responded to the controversy with one perfect tweet that let the world know that they were in on the joke, but still enjoy (and want to sell) the skirt in question:

"We think it's a fab skirt for any time of the month. Period."

Nicely done!

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All Hail The King Of All Wedgies

Via reddit/kdman3.

It's actually his shirt design, but yes, it sure looks like somebody gave this guy an atomic wedgie to end all wedgies!

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You've Been Warned


Wild Heart? Nah, that's way too boring. "Will Fart" makes things much more interesting.

*Makes finger guns* Pew Pew!

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Waldo, Nooooo!

Via The Daily Mail.

You'll never guess where that crazy Waldo hid this time. 

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The Weiner Queen

Via Instagram.

It's not every day that your leggings make you look like Ron Jeremy, and that's a good thing.

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One Studly Unicorn

Via Imgur/beefeemac.

That awkward moment when you put on your new Christmas sweater right before heading out to the party, and you notice that your unicorn is a total STUD. In fact, he's literally hung like a horse.

Guess who's winning the ugliest Christmas sweater contest this year!

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Super What?!


What makes them super, exactly? Do they wear capes while going to the bathroom?

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Wearing Her Best Turd Shirt

Via reddit/Rekrah.

Why have a shirt that says "Saturday" when you could just walk around with a giant turd on your front?

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Excuse Me; My Eyes Are Up HERE

Via The Daily Mail.

The itty bitty pockets on this blouse are rather distracting.

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There's Something On Your Seat

Via reddit/crappydesign.

Did she sit in something on the subway, have a little post-Chipotle accident, or is that just how this dress is supposed to look? Whatever the cause may be, how embarrassing.

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Peekaboo, I See You!

Via Bored Panda.

Don't be alarmed, but there seems to be a panda bear peeking out from your crotch region. 

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Hey There, Big Fella

Via Pinterest.

Ding dong, daddy's home! This is exactly the kind of look you're going for when you throw on a comfy pair of leggings. Yup; this is exactly right. Nothing to see here.

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These Leggings Are Surprisingly Anatomically Correct


Speaking of bad leggings, these Lularoe creations leave way too little to the imagination. 

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Mutant Kitty Says Hi

Via Twitter @_iStorm_.

The socks looked fine in the packaging, but when you put them on they get all kinds of funked up. Poor little kitty looks like he just landed a spaceship in your yard and wants to be taken to your leader.

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Mrs. Seymour Butts, At Your Service

Via Imgur/Kshandoo.

If Georgia O'Keefe designed dresses, this would be her masterpiece.

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Via The Daily Mail.

They finally went ahead and put my life motto on a t-shirt! How convenient.

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Talk About Your Bold Patterns

Via reddit/st8ofme.

No, she can't come to the garden party. Something suddenly popped up.

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The "Keep Calm" Trend Has Officially Gone Too Far

Via Huffington Post.

It's amazing that the "Keep Calm and Try Anal" trend didn't catch on.

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Whoa, We Did "Nazi" That Coming

Via reddit u/jaydubtoggies

Hope you never plan to zip this hoodie up! Most of these design fails won't get you fired or beaten up for wearing them, but this one? Yeah, wearing this one is going to get your ass kicked. Usually the kind of guys who wear this kind of symbol wear a different color hood, if you know what I'm saying.

There you have it; 20 articles of clothing that were so badly designed that they will make people do a double-take, and not in a good way. Let's all resolve to try on our clothes before leaving the store from now on!

Speaking of design fails....