Clive Owen: Libra Actor

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English actor Clive Owen was born on October 3rd, 1964 in Coventry, U.K.

Clive Owen Trivia

  • He's the fourth boy in a family of five brothers.
  • His father, a country-western singer, left the family when Clive was three.
  • After playing the Artful Dodger in Oliver at age 11, he decided to become an actor.
  • Graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1987, in a class with Ralph Fiennes and Jane Horrocks.
  • Married since 1995 to Sarah Jane Fenton.
  • Has two daughters, Hannah and Eve.

Dangerous Grace

It's the name of one of his fansites and is one way to describe the paradoxical nature of this Libra Sun star. He's often played the man's man, with tousled hair and 5 o'clock shadow, eyes fixed on the Herculean task at hand, not on the mirror.

Yet he's been spotted front row at the catwalk, wears Armani suits fitted by Giorgio himself, and his green eyes now peer out of ads for men's cologne and skin care products. Libras love beautiful things, and to be admired for their looks and style. He's played plenty of tough guys, but like a true Libra is drawn to the artful presentation of the Self.

Serious Moon

Clive's Moon is in Virgo, giving him a sense of reserve -- he doesn't give himself away. As a TV star in Britain early in his career, he had intense run-ins with the tabloid press, whom he felt invaded his privacy.

His Virgo Moon lends a need for solitude, not always possible if you're a big star, as he was in the 1990s for his role in the BBC show, Chancer. He's talked of his wife keeping the family grounded back home, and she's likely an emotional touchstone when he's on set, far from any sense of daily rhythm.

Powerful Moon

Like Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, Clive was born under the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the sixties. Being in Virgo, there's a natural, honest quality to his acting, and through the generational planets, impacts the masses.

His Moon aligns with these two planets, giving him an intense emotional nature that can be overwhelming. In his roles, he conveys an intriguing emotional self-containment but also takes on characters in extreme situations.

The Pluto-Moon conjunction creates a powerful bond with the Mother. With his father absent at such a young age, it's likely that dear old Mom loomed large and was associated with survival. 

The Thinker

With Sun and Mercury in Libra, it's no wonder that Clive comes off as an intelligent actor. His Mercury, at 0 degrees Libra, is in a trine angle to his Jupiter in Taurus.

This leads him to opportunities where he can use his sharp mind in tangible ways. Of course, acting is one way, but he co-crafted the screenplay of Children of Men and could have a gift for writing, as well.

Theatrical Venus and Mars

He's got Venus in Leo, and so loves the pageantry of show business. He's got creative gifts of self-expression, a playful nature and lots of warmth. This Venus craves the spotlight and is radiant when showing off. Clive smiles in press photos like he knows a secret, and chances are, it's about both creative and family fulfillment.

With Mars in Leo, he's motivated to do things that enhance his status in the eyes of his adoring fans. He's drawn to roles that allow him to be larger than life. This gives him the regal air to play kings and knights, but with the Leo lustiness to play the virile lover.

The Collective

Clive has Saturn in Aquarius at 29 degrees, drawing him to group activities, especially visionary ones. The movie set is a short-term village of sorts, full of eccentric, creative people, and this likely appeals to Clive's sensibility.

He can grow best through being part of collective projects that put futuristic ideas out there, as in Children of Men. He likely brings discipline to shaping innovative ideas and comes up with original ideas ahead of their time.

Balancing Two Lives

With a family to raise north of London and a busy career as a movie star, Clive has said it's like living two lives. He credits his wife Sarah Jane Fenton, who left acting to stay home, with maintaining a stable family life, while he spends weeks at a time away on set.

Being in partnership sustains the Libra spirit, and here he's found a mate that brings balance to his unconventional routine.

Clive Owen Quotes

  • "The sexiest part of the body is the eyes. That's what I believe."
  • "I think I am more attracted to characters with a subtext, whatever that is and they don't necessarily have to be virtuous, but they have to at least be human."
  • "Parenthood and family come first for me, and when I'm not working I'm cool with the Teletubbies."
  • "I just like to keep challenging myself, keep it varied. It's a craft, and I'm constantly trying to learn and get better at it."