Clever Restaurant Names That Take Food Puns To The Next Level

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I See What You Did There

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Even though you might be a great cook, there's a lot more to running a restaurant than simply whipping up delicious meals for the hungry masses. Running a successful eatery requires special management skills, financial knowledge, impeccable customer service, and most of all, patience. If you've got all of that, great! But don't rule out the importance of maintaining great public relations and creating a fun dining environment.

The restaurants in this gallery are not fancy, but all of them have one terrific thing in common: they all have spectacular, pun-tastic names that set them apart from the boring Burger Kings and Olive Gardens of the world. Why would you ever set foot inside an Arby's when you could dine at a place called "The Codfather?"

It's clearly not just about the food; it's about the attitude! Here are twenty real-life restaurants whose punny name game is strong. Bone apple tea!

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Thai Me Up

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This hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant makes a good effort to appeal to those diners who like their Pad Thai to contain about Fifty Shades of GreyNaughty!

Speaking of punny Thai restaurant names....

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Come Aboard The Thai Tanic

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Sure, the name may conjure visions of disaster, but you've got to admit that it made you smile. 

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Tequila Mockingbird

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Harper Lee's modern American classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird represents a lot of things to a lot of people. Big things. Important things. Things like race and the human experience.

Oh, also? It's the name of a cheesy strip mall Mexican joint that serves bucket-sized fluorescent-colored margaritas; a place where the waitresses pronounce all of the dishes incorrectly. (Not that there's anything wrong with cheap bucket-sized margaritas and a side of "fa-gee-tas." We certainly wouldn't say no!)

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Planet of the Grapes

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Whoever named this wine shop is clearly living their best life. 

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Pita Pan

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Try the Tinkerbell Tahini, it's delicious! Or maybe the Captain Hook Chicken Fingers? The Lost Boys Burrito?

Okay, I'll stop now.

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What the Pho?

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Pho (pronounced "fuh") is a delectable Vietnamese noodle soup that is so utterly addictive that it gives meth a run for its money. It's also better for you and (I assume) cheaper than meth, so... yay!

Anyway, Pho is yummy, and it has a funny-sounding name which lends itself well to puns. Walk into any decently-sized city in the U.S. and you'll probably find a pho restaurant with a funny name. For instance...

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That's Just Pho King Funny

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If you're looking for a great Pho King meal, look no further than this Pho King restaurant. It's Pho King delicious! Their Pho King chef is the Pho King real deal!

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The Nosh Pit

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No word on whether you have to shove your fellow diners while stomping angrily to loud music in this establishment, but we wouldn't rule it out. 

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This Is Nacho Ordinary Restaurant Name

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And you thought Tequila Mockingbird was bad! I'd never eat at a place called Nacho Daddy... unless they also have bucket-sized margaritas?

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Lord of the Fries

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YOU SHALL NOT PASS (the salt). 

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The Pie Guy Has A Sense of Humor

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With a shop name like that, this Pie Guy's pies must be truly magical.

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Hugh Jass Burgers

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Customer: "Excuse me, waiter? I would like one of your Hugh Jass burgers, please?"

Waiter: "Absolutely! Hugh Jass burgers are the only kind we serve here. Our motto is 'If you didn't come in with a Hugh Jass, you'll leave with one!'"

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Just Keep Swimming?

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The original ending for Finding Dory did NOT go over well with test audiences. Strange, huh?

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What a delightful pun. No, seriously, I can't stop laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha.

*cough* (They can't all be hilarious.)

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It's Been A Long Time Since I've Had A Roll

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The fact that this restaurant isn't located at the top of a stairway is disappointing.

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Not So Chakra-Ing

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"Snotty beamed me twice last night." - Spaceballs

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No, Lettuce! We Insist

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Don't be "souprised" when you learn that this restaurant serves nothing but glorified leaves and twigs. And probably quinoa. It's always quinoa.

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India Jones and the Taco of Doom


Sure, it's not technically a restaurant... but this name is still too awesome not to list!

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I'm A Weiner. You're A Weiner.


We're all weiners!

Gotta run... I'm suddenly hungry. I'm Pho King hungry, if you know what I mean.