8 Clear Skin Tips for College Students

Going off to college means uprooting your entire schedule -- new friends, junk food, parties, and of course late night studying sessions. If you're not careful, the healthy skin you came in with will quickly change.

We've got you covered with these 8 clear skin tips for college students.

Drink Lots of Water

Beautiful young woman drinking water after bicycling
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It may not be exciting, but drinking water throughout your day will guarantee your body (and skin) gets the hydration it needs, plus it has the extra benefit of keeping your stomach feeling fuller, longer.

With easy access to cafeteria, it's easy to walk in and get a carb-heavy snack between classes. That will definitely add to the weight gain most college students want to avoid.

Pick out a cool water bottle (we like the Gaiam bottles) and fill it up throughout the day. Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. 

Start Fresh Faced Each Day

Man washing his face with tap water
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It's tempting to hop out of bed, pull on some clothes, put your hair up or under a hat and head off to your early class. But those with good skin know that starting the day with clean skin is a must.

If you have to wake up really early for a class and know you'll be showering later, just keep a pack of pre-moistened facial cleansing cloths in your room. Our best budget pick: Biore: Daily Recharging Daily Cleansing Cloths. You'll be fresh in no time flat.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

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Sure, eating pizza, greasy foods and chocolate won't cause acne, but regular consumption of unhealthy foods just isn't good grounds for healthy skin or a healthy body.

Late nights with friends many times involve foods only available late at night like those mentioned above. Prepare by keeping your regular meals full of healthy fruits and vegetables. Then, the times that you do splurge won't be a big deal at all.

Never Go to Bed With Makeup On

Makeup removal
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While you're sound asleep, your skin is working hard to rejuvenate fresh new skin cells. Why would you make it work harder with a face full of foundation?

Your skin needs time to breathe, so clean it each night. We know it's a pain to walk down to the bathrooms when it's late at night, so when you can't get yourself up, use those facial cleansing clothes you have after reading tip #2. Ideally though, it's best to give your face a thorough washing and rinsing at day's end to really get rid of the daily dirt and grime that your skin has accumulated.

Wash your face before you start your homework or watch your favorite show. Then, it will be done when you're too tired to think about it.

Have a Well-Stocked Bathroom Kit

Women's Toiletry Travel Bag in Packed Suitcase
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Being prepared and organized will mean you always have the products that you need on hand. We love Lands' End's Toiletry Kit for its durability, but you can find these bags at stores like Walmart and Target, with more budget-friendly pricing.

Stock it with the following items for your skin, and add what you'll need for the rest of your hair, teeth and body.

  • Face cleanser
  • Toner, if desired
  • Day and night moisturizer (SPF for day, no SPF needed at night)
  • Acne spot treatment
  • Body wash
  • Lotion

If you have these minimal things in your bag, you can cleanse, tone, moisturize your face and body each day and night.

Don't Smoke Cigarettes

Group Of Teenagers Smoking
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College brings forth all sorts of new chances to be independent, and you'll probably be offered cigarettes if you don't already smoke.

Besides the fact that smoking makes you smell like an ashtray, smoking also causes wrinkles along your lips. Think it's not a big deal because you're so young? Think again! If you're not careful, your future could look like this.

Just do yourself a favor and say, "No thanks, I don't smoke." Then, you can get on with having a good time and being a non-smoker. Because no one really cares if you smoke or not, you'll just be the one with extra money in your pocket.

Remember, Sunscreen Isn't Optional

Black woman moisturizing her face
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You'll never hear me tell you to forget the sunscreen. On those long walks to and from classes, your skin needs protection, simple as that.

But when fall and winter come, applying your sunscreen to your face will be easier than ever if you use a moisturizer with SPF

We recommend Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. It comes in both tinted and untinted.

Clear Your Phone Frequently

Man talking on cell phone in urban crosswalk
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Cell phones are breeding grounds for dirt, grime and makeup. If you take a second to look at your phone, you'll see just how dirty it is, but that probably doesn't stop you from answering it, does it? Maybe you've noticed that you have acne in the same area that you hold your phone? No wonder!

Take some time on occasion to clean your phone. It's really easy to do, and it will save your skin from being exposed to all of the junk on the phone.