The Cinderella Ballet: A Synopsis of the Cinderella Ballet - Act 1

From Rags to Riches

Nisian Hughes/Getty Images

Act I

Cinderella is scrubbing down the kitchen floor and daydreaming about how happy she was when her mother was alive. Her daydreams quickly fade when Cinderella’s mean stepsisters demand her to make them breakfast. After she makes their breakfast and old homeless beggar comes to the window. She asks Cinderella for some food, and when Cinderella is about to give her some, Cinderella’s evil stepmother forbids her to do it. Cinderella decides to give the old woman her own food and Cinderella is left without eating a thing.

After breakfast Cinderella returns to her chores. Moments later Cinderella’s step sisters are shouting with excitement. They received a letter from the palace. Cinderella is forced to read the letter aloud, because the stepsisters cannot read. The letter turns out to be an invitation to the Prince’s Royal Ball. Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters go to town to by gowns and accessories for the ball.

Cinderella is left alone. Cinderella is consoled by her mice friends. The mice cheer up Cinderella by making her a lovely gown out of rags. After Cinderella puts on her gown, the old woman appears. She magically transforms into a fairy Godmother and turns Cinderella's rag gown into a beautiful dress fit for a princess. She turns a pumpkin into a royal carriage and turns the mice into horses. She tells Cinderella to go to the ball, but to be back before midnight. Before Cinderella leaves, fairy Godmother gives Cinderella glass slippers.

Act II

At the Prince’s Royal Ball, Cinderella’s step-family arrives late. While the stepsisters try to get the Prince’s attention, Cinderella steps foot into the Ball Room. The Prince is captivated by her beauty, as is every other gentleman, and barely gives the stepsisters his time of day. Nobody knows who the mysterious girl is, not even Cinderella’s step-family.

Cinderella and the Prince dance the night away causing Cinderella to forget about her midnight deadline. As the clock starts to chime, she realizes she must go before her clothes turn to rags. She quickly leaves without explanation and in her hurry, leaves a slipper behind on the stairs. The Prince chases after her, but only finds the single glass slipper.

The next day, the Prince, unable to stop thinking about Cinderella, orders a kingdom-wide search to find her. He travels from house to house with the glass slipper and has each girl try it on. If the slipper fits it must be the mysterious girl he danced with the night before.

When the Prince arrives at Cinderella’s house he is greeted by the obnoxious stepsisters. The stepsisters try on the slipper , but it does not fit. During that time, Cinderella’s stepmother locked her in a room so she couldn’t try on the slipper. Since the slipper did not fit either of the stepsisters’ feet, Cinderella’s stepmother insists to try it on. She manages to force her foot to fit the slipper.

True to his word, the Prince proposes to Cinderella’s step mother. Cinderella finds out from her mice friends and starts to shout in her cell. The Prince finds out that there is still one more girl in the house. Once Cinderella is freed from her cell, she tries on the slipper. It is a perfect fit. The Prince takes Cinderella with him to his castle. A royal wedding takes place at the palace and Cinderella and the Prince live happily ever after.