Ciara's Secret Sex-Change Operation

Netlore Archive of Rumors and Denial of Ciara Being Transgender

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A forwarded email circulating since early 2005 claims hip-hop/R&B star Ciara was born male and is either a closeted transvestite or underwent a sex-change operation to become a transsexual. Neither, of course, is true; but try telling that to the internet.

Description: Internet rumor / Hoax / Spoof
Circulating since: 2005 (in this form)
Status: False

Example of the Ciara Transgender Rumor

Email text contributed by Ryan C., March 10, 2005:

Ciara reveals her Goodies
By Nolan Strong,
"I am gay." These were the words recording artist Ciara spoke Wednesday night to millions viewers on BET’s 106 and Park in a precedent-setting event for cable television.
Ciara’s "coming out" as a lesbian would have been difficult on its own. But also having to admit that she is really a he on national television was cause for celebration among the gay and lesbian community. No major pop singer has ever come out as a transvestite to viewers explicitly after already releasing an album.

The email continues, quoting Sean Combs and RuPaul on the topic, and analysis of the status of gay and transgender people in the hip hop community.

Analysis of the Ciara Transgender Rumor Email

There are many versions of this rumor circulating. For a start, the article cited never appeared on the hip-hop news site to which it's attributed, It's a piece of satire, author unknown, circulating via email since early 2005.

A disavowal posted on the site not long after the spoof went into circulation read as follows:

If you happen to read that AHH’s own Nolan Strong wrote a story about Ciara being a trannie he/she, don’t believe it. We didn’t write it, but somebody is trying to be creative with starting rumors. Ciara is alllllll woman, baby!

In point of fact, the Ciara-is-a-hermaphrodite rumor had already been dismissed as "crazy" by a month earlier:

We consistently get rumors saying that Ciara, the Crunk-N-B Queen, was born with male and female genitalia. We have no CLUE where this crazy rumor started, but it’s not true as far as we know. We’re thinking that she was in the club throwin’ bows a little too hard and some dude decided to start this one. Or maybe it’s those mean faces, but to our knowledge, she only has one female private place. Unfortunately, I’ll never see it. The rumor has good legs though and it’s not dying anytime soon.

Is Ciara a Transsexual Hermaphrodite Lesbian Transvestite?

For whatever reason, rumors questioning Ciara's gender and/or sexual orientation have been circulating since late 2004. One version claims the singer "came out" as a transsexual on The Oprah Winfrey Show, though as of 2005 she had never appeared on Oprah. Another version claims Ciara is actually a hermaphrodite ("one having the sex organs and many of the secondary sex characteristics of both male and female," as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary). Yet another claims she is a transvestite (a male who dresses in women's clothing). Another claims she is a lesbian.

They can't all be true, obviously, and although there is no documentation to prove the allegations false, neither has anyone proven a single one of them true. Indeed, the only "evidence" ever offered is the claim that Ciara Harris made a statement on television. Hogwash.

Ciara's Denial

Ciara herself issued a denial published in the New York Daily News under the headline "No Gender Gap Here":

R&B sensation Ciara just wants everyone to know: She's all woman. "You know what's funny? The rumor that I used to be a man," she told us at the launch party for Vibe Vixen magazine at Frederick's. "They said Oprah said that on her show," she laughed. "I've never been on Oprah in my life - we all know I have years before I go on Oprah, so come on!"