Chris Jericho Timeline

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The following is a timeline for Chris Jericho’s ECW, WCW and WWE career. Listed is every PPV and title change that he has been involved in. Bolded items represent title victories while italicized items represent title losses. The items with bullets in front of them represent Chris's work outside of wrestling.

6/22 – won ECW TV title from Pitbull 2
7/13 – Elimination Match: Shane Douglas beat Too Cold Scorpio, Pitbull 2, & Chris Jericho to win the ECW TV title
9/15 Fall Brawl – lost to Chris Benoit in his first WCW PPV match
10/27 Halloween Havoc – lost to Syxx
11/24 World War 3 – beat Nick Patrick with 1 hand tied behind his back

1/21 COC - Chris Jericho, Super Calo, & Chavo Guerrero Jr beat Konnan, La Parka, & Mr.JL
1/25 NWO Souled Out – lost to Masa Chono
2/23 Superbrawl – lost to Eddie Guerrero
6/28 – won cruiserweight title from X-Pac
7/13 Bash at the Beach – beat Ultimo Dragon
7/28 – lost title to Alex Wright
8/9 Road Wild – lost to Alex Wright
8/12 – won cruiserweight title from Alex Wright
8/21 COC – beat Eddie Guerrero
9/14 Fall Brawl – lost title to Eddie Guerrero
10/26 Halloween Havoc - beat Gedo

1/24 Souled Out – won cruiserweight title from Rey Mysterio
2/22 Superbrawl – beat Juventud Guerrera
3/15 Uncensored – beat Dean Malenko
4/19 Spring Stampede – beat Prince Iakea
5/17 Slamboree – lost title to Dean Malenko
6/14 Great American Bash – beat Dean Malenko by DQ to win the vacant cruiserweight title
7/12 Bash at the Beach – lost title to Rey Mysterio
7/13 – won cruiserweight title from Rey Mysterio
8/8 Road Wild – lost title to Juventud Guerrera
9/10 – won TV title from Stevie Rey who was subbing for champ Booker T
9/13 Fall Brawl – beat fake Bill Goldberg
10/25 Halloween Havoc – beat Raven
11/22 World War 3 – beat Bobby Duncam Jr.<br/>11/30 – lost title to Konnan
12/27 Starrcade – lost to Konnan

1/17 Souled Out – Loser wears a dress for 90 days: beat Perry Saturn
2/21 Superbrawl – beat Perry Saturn by count out
3/14 Uncensored – Dog Collar Match: lost to Perry Saturn in his final WCW PPV appearance
8/9 - makes his WWF debut
9/26 Unforgiven – beat X-Pac by DQ
11/14 Survivor Series – lost to Chyna
12/12 Armageddon – won Intercontinental title from Chyna
12/28 – title held up after a match with Chyna

1/3 – declared co-champion with Chyna
1/23 Royal Rumble – beat I-C co-champ Chyna and Bob Holly to become undisputed champ
2/27 No Way Out – lost title to Kurt Angle
4/2 WrestleMania 2000 – lost to Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit
4/2 WrestleMania 2000 – beat Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle to win the European title
4/3 – lost European title to Eddie Guerrero
4/30 Backlash – lost to Chris Benoit by DQ
5/4 – won I-C title from Chris Benoit
5/8 – lost I-C title to Chris Benoit
5/21 Judgment Day – lost submission match to Chris Benoit
6/25 King of the Ring – lost to Kurt Angle
7/23 Fully Loaded – Last Man Standing: lost to Triple H
8/27 SummerSlam – Best of 3 falls: lost to Chris Benoit
9/24 Unforgiven – beat X-Pac
10/22 No Mercy – Steel Cage: beat X-Pac
• 10/24 Fozzy releases their self-titled debut CD
11/19 Survivor Series – lost to Kane
12/10 Armageddon – Last Man Standing: beat Kane

1/21 Royal Rumble - Ladder Match: Chris Benoit to win the I-C title
4/5 – lost I-C title to Triple H
5/21 w/Chris Benoit beat Triple H & Steve Austin to win the World Tag Team titles
5/28 – won hardcore title from the Big Show
5/28 – lost the hardcore title to Rhyno
6/21 - w/Chris Benoit lost the tag team titles to the Dudley Boyz
10/21 No Mercy - beat the Rock to win the WCW World title
10/22 – w/the Rock won the tag team titles from the Dudley Boyz
11/1 – w/the Rock lost the tag team titles to Booker T & Test
11/5 – lost WCW title to the Rock
12/9 Vengeance – beat the Rock to the WCW World title
12/9 Vengeance – beat Steve Austin to win the WWE championship and unify the WCW and WWF championships
3/17 WrestleMania X8 – lost unified world titles to Triple H
9/16 – won Intercontinental title from Rob Van Dam
9/30 – lost Intercontinental title to Kane
10/14 – w/Christian won the world tag team titles from Kane & the Hurricane
12/15 Armageddon - Booker T & Goldust beat champions Chris Jericho & Christian, The Dudley Boyz, & William Regal & Lance Storm to win the titles
10/27 – won I-C title from Rob Van Dam
10/27 – Cage Match: lost I-C title to Rob Van Dam
9/12 Unforgiven – Ladder mach: beat Christian to win the vacant I-C title
10/19 Taboo Tuesday – lost I-C title to Shelton Benjamin
The Rock of Jericho as well as became a regular celebrity panelist for a variety of programs on VH1 &a
All That Remains
Android Apocalypse debuts on the Sci Fi ch
Celebrity Duets debuts on F

12/16 Armageddon - beat WWE Champion Randy Orton by DQ

1/27 Royal Rumble - lost to JBL by DQ
2/17 No Way Out - Elimination Chamber: Triple H beat Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, JBL, and Umaga
3/10 RAW - won the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Hardy
3/30 WrestleMania XXIV - Money in the Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk beat Chris Jericho, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Carlito, & Mr. Kennedy
5/18 Judgment Day - lost to Shawn Michaels in a non-title match
6/29 Night of Champions - lost the Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston
7/20 Great American Bash - beat Shawn Michaels
9/7 Unforgiven - lost an Unsanctioned Match to Shawn Michaels
9/7 Unforgiven - World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match: Chris Jericho (subbing for champion CM Punk) beat Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Batista to win the title
10/5 No Mercy - beat Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match
10/26 Cyber Sunday - lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Batista in a match that was refereed by Steve Austin
• 10/29 Redemption Song premiers on Fuse
11/3 RAW - regained the World Heavyweight Championship from Batista in a Steel Cage Match
11/23 Survivor Series - lost the World Heavyweight Championship to John Cena
12/14 Armageddon - lost to World Champion John Cena

2/15 No Way Out - Edge beat World Champion John Cena, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Mike Knox in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the title
4/5 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania – 3-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match: Chris Jericho beat Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, and Ricky Steamboat
4/26 Backlash – beat Ricky Steamboat
5/17 Judgment Day - lost to Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio
6/7 Extreme Rules - beat Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred Match to win the Intercontinental Championship
6/28 The Bash - lost the title to Rey Mysterio in a title vs. mask match
6/28 The Bash - w/Edge beat Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo Colon and Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes to win the titles
7/26 Night of Champions - chose Big Show as his replacement for the injured Edge
7/26 Night of Champions - w/Big Show beat Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
8/23 SummerSlam - w/Big Show beat Cryme Tyme
9/13 Breaking Point - w/Big Show beat MVP & Mark Henry
10/4 Hell in a Cell - w/Big Show beat Batista & Rey Mysterio
10/25 Bragging Rights - Team SmackDown (Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth, David Hart Smith, & Tyson Kidd) beat Team RAW (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, & Mark Henry)
11/22 Survivor Series - World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker beat Chris Jericho & Big Show
12/13 TLC - w/Big Show lot the tag team titles to D-Generation X in a TLC Match

• 1/26 Fozzy releases Chasing the Grail
2/21 Elimination Chamber – Chris Jericho beat World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker, CM Punk, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, and John Morrison in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the title
3/28 WrestleMania XXVI - beat Edge
4/2 SmackDown - lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Jack Swagger
4/25 Extreme Rules - lost to Edge in a Steel Cage Match
5/23 Over the Limit - Chris Jericho & The Miz lost to Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty
6/20 Fatal 4 Way - lost to Evan Bourne
• 6/22 The series premier of his ABC show Downfall
7/18 Money in the Bank - The Miz beat Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, and Ted DiBiase in a Money in the Bank Match
8/15 SummerSlam - Team WWE (John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Daniel Bryan) beat The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, and Skip Sheffield) in an Elimination Match
9/19 Night of Champions - Randy Orton beat WWE Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Wade Barrett, Edge, & Chris Jericho in a Six Pack Elimination Match to win the title

• 5/21 The season premiere of Dancing With the Stars

1/29 Royal Rumble - Sheamus won the Royal Rumble by last elimination Chris Jericho
2/19 Elimination Chamber - WWE Champion CM Punk beat Chris Jericho, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth in an Elimination Chamber Match
4/1 WrestleMania XXVIII - lost to WWE Champion CM Punk in a match where the title could change hands via DQ
4/29 Extreme Rules - lost to WWE Champion CM Punk in a Chicago Street Fight
5/20 Over the Limit - World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus beat Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, & Randy Orton
7/15 Money in the Bank - John Cena beat Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho, & The Miz in the WWE Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match
8/19 SummerSlam - beat Dolph Ziggler

2/17 Elimination Chamber - Jack Swagger beat Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Kane & Daniel Bryan in an Elimination Chamber Match
4/7 WrestleMania XXIX - lost to Fandango
5/19 Extreme Rules - beat Fandango
6/16 Payback - lost to CM Punk
7/14 Money in the Bank - lost to Ryback

7/20 Battleground - beat Bray Wyatt
8/17 SummerSlam - lost to Bray Wyatt
9/21 Night of Champions - lost to Randy Orton

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