Choosing the Best Men's Shoes for Weddings

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Finding the right men's shoes for a wedding should involve more than just going to the closet and dusting off the ones that have been sitting the longest. Weddings have evolved a lot in the past decade; they’re not all in a church where your choices in style are greatly limited. Regardless of where they are, you want to look good, be respectable and have fun.

Here are a few shoe options for weddings with different locations and themes that will help you choose the right men's shoes to wear.

The Best Men's Shoe to Wear to Black Tie Weddings

If you’re going to a black tie wedding, the only thing to wear is a tuxedo and the nicest black dress shoes you have. Please don’t wear those crappy plastic shoes that come with a rented tuxedo. You never know who else wore those shoes and you’ll slip while doing the bunny hop on the dance floor -- increasing the possibility of an embarrassing YouTube video.

Just make sure you put a really nice shine on your shoes before the wedding. If you don’t feel comfortable polishing shoes yourself, find a professional.

Here are some men's dress shoes that would work well for black tie weddings.

Johnston Murphy 'Kirkwood'

The Best Men's Shoes for Dressy Weddings

Unlike a black tie wedding, you have more choices when wearing a suit. In fact, when you get a little older and go to a wedding this is probably the most common situation you’ll find yourself in. In this case, you want to go with dress shoes that are darker than your suit. If you’re in a black suit, you wear black shoes, if you wear a navy suit you have a few more options such as burgundy to black. The same rules apply when wearing a sports coat and slacks.

Here are some good choices from Bostonian great prices and nice looking dress shoes.

Men's Shoes for Beach Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, and they often include exotic locations where couples get married on a beach. If it’s done correctly this means you can leave the coat and tie at home. Just because it’s a beach wedding doesn’t mean you show up in a pair of $3 flip-flops, looking like you just spent the day at a water park. You still wear a nice button-down shirt and lightweight pants but get a little creative with the footwear. Here are a couple ideas:  

Tommy Bahama 'Anchors Away' Sandals
Born 'Langdon' Leather Sandals

The Right Men's Shoe for a Vegas Wedding

When I say Vegas wedding, I mean “hey a wedding popped up and we had no idea.” If you’re actually going to a wedding and it just happens to be in Las Vegas, then the other rules still apply. If you’re at an impromptu Vegas wedding, then make a statement. It’s wild, it’s crazy and it’s fun. Go with a pair of Vans or Converse Chuck Taylors, and have a good time.

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