Before You Choose a Figure Skating Coach

A Figure Skater and Her Coach
A Figure Skater and Her Coach. Photo by Hero Images - Getty Images

Unlike ballet, dance, or gymnastics, where learning occurs in a group lesson format most of the time, figure skating is mastered through private lessons. So….if you or your child is really interested in mastering figure skating, your first step is to select a private lesson coach.

Take Your Time Before You Choose a Private Instructor

Who your child takes private ice skating lessons from should not be decided in haste. Your private lesson instructor will be more than just a teacher: he or she will be your child’s mentor, guide, and role model.

There are so many individuals giving skating lessons these days. Choosing the best coach for your child can be confusing, so take your time before making a commitment to one particular coach.

First Decide What Kind of Skater Your Child Wants to Be

First decide what kind of skater you wish your child to become: does your little one want to be a serious competitive skater, a semi-serious recreational skater, or just skate for fun? A coach that fits in with what goals you choose can be found, but may take time – yes, it is possible to make "a perfect match!"

Serious Competitive Skaters

Competitive skaters have made the decision to put many, many hours into practice on and off the ice, commit to several private lessons each week, and do give up “a normal life” to achieve the skating goals they desire. Champions are not produced by talent alone. Do you have the time and money to make your child a competitor?

  • Choosing a Competitive Figure Skating Coach

Serious Recreational Skaters

If you do not feel you can commit to being a serious competitive skater, it may be easier to commit to the lifestyle of a “serious recreational skater.” Your child will still master many wonderful skating skills, have opportunities to take part in recreational figure skating competitions, perform in shows, and take skating tests.

The “Serious Just For Fun” Skater

What if your child may just wants to skate for fun, but also master certain skills? There is nothing wrong with continuing in group lessons or supplementing group lessons with private lessons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.