Important Child Support Information for Fathers

Child support is often a difficult topic because fathers often feel that the amounts set for child support are unfair.  Fathers often struggle with issues of child support, including what to pay, when to pay, how to change child support amounts and what to do if they get behind in their child support payments. Find resources here to help dads find answers and handle the intricacies of child support.

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Child Support Statistics

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Sometimes we are surprised about what is happening with child support in the United States.   This article explores the statistics and information from the US Census Bureau about child support in America. Learn about the number of children and families receiving child support, poverty issues related to child support and how much child support is received by custodial families.

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Family Law Glossary for Fathers

Child Custody Hearing
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The family law system can be really confusing to a man for whom it all is a new experience.  This glossary of legal terms will be helpful for fathers to understand in a family law case involving them and the terms that are used by attorneys, case workers and others in their case.  

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Finding and Selecting a Good Family Law Attorney

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Dealing with family law matters such as divorce, custody, visitation and child support can be daunting, but having a good family law attorney represent you makes a big difference. Find out how to find, identify and select a reputable family law attorney who will represent your interests.

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How is Child Support Calculated?

Child Support Calculations
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Child support is the most litigious aspect of a divorce case. Most issues that come up during the divorce process are resolved once and for all by the final decree of divorce but child support and issues surrounding it may go on for years after the divorce is final. Each state has it’s own laws and guidelines on how child support is calculated.

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What You Need to Know About Child Support

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Many fathers have lots of questions about child support: how it works, how it is calculated, and what happens if you fall behind or want to change the arrangements. This article offers answers to the most common questions about child support and points a non-custodial father in the right direction to make the best decisions for him and for his children.  

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Deadbeat Parents: Stereotypes and Help for Affected Families

Child support not enough
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Jennifer Wolf,'s  Single Parents Expert, has written an excellent article about deadbeat parents and the impacts that the non-payment can create for custodial parents and children.  The perspectives she shares are really helpful for any father in understanding this important issue.  

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Unemployment and Child Support

Unemployed Father
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Many dads express serious frustrations with the child support system when they find themselves unemployed and with drastically reduced income.  Debrina Washington has explained in simple terms what likely will happen to the child support order in the case of the unemployment of the non-custodial parent who is responsible for paying child support.   

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How To Modify A Child Support Order

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 As circumstances change in the lives of a family, there may of necessity be the need for a change in mandated child support circumstances.  In this article,'s Divorce Support expert Cathy Meyer has provided some excellent advice as to when a child support order should be modified and how the process works to make the needed changes.  

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Child Support Following a Parent's Death

Death of a parent
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Sometimes, tragedy strikes and a parent paying child support passes away.  When a parent charged with paying child support dies, the surviving parent will wonder whether he/she will receive future payments and how they will be processed. Debrina Washignton answers some pertinent questions a parent should ask when a co-parent charged with paying child support dies.

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How Will Child Support Affect Your Taxes?

Tax Forms
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How child support is handled with respect to taxes can be confusing for anyone involved in paying or receiving child support.  This article from Cathy Meyer at's Divorce Support site answers all of the key questions about how we should handle child support in our annual tax planning and the filing of the tax return.