Chevy Tahoe Expansion Block and Orifice Tube Locations

The orifice tube is part of the air conditioning system

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If your truck needed a new compressor because it seized up, there might be shrapnel scattered all through the A/C system. This would require a flushing of the system. The orifice tube is in one of the lines. Most likely it is in one near the accumulator. Look for a couple of little "dings" in the aluminum tubing.

What Is an Orifice Tube and What Does It Do?

The orifice tube is a restriction that lets the system have high pressure on one side of it and low pressure on the other. It also has a screen on it to act as a filter to catch any metal particles, but it doesn't catch them all. Sometimes they can be stuck in there and need a little heat to soften the O-ring that seals it to the inside of the line. Just make sure there is no metal in the lines or it will go through your new compressor and damage it.

Locations of the Orifice Tubes for the 1996 Chevy Tahoe

With Front A/C only, the Expansion Block/Orifice Tube is located in the condenser outlet pipe (high side line) at the liquid line connection.

With Front and Rear A/C,  the Expansion Block/Orifice Tube is located in a Y-shaped junction block in the tube between the condenser and the front evaporator. The junction block is located near the right side of the radiator support. The expansion tube is located between the junction block and the front evaporator.

Finding the Orifice Tube for Other Vehicles

For other makes and models of vehicles, refer to your owner's manual. If you still have difficulty in locating it, call the dealer's service center and ask for advice from a technician. You might also use their online question and answer sites to find this information.

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