Did Cheez Whiz Once Come In a Spray Can?

Easy Cheese can

Today's weird news mystery: Did Cheez Whiz once come in a spray can?

I'm convinced it did, though you won't find it in a spray can today. That's now the domain of Easy Cheese, another Kraft Foods product.

Cheez Whiz first appeared in 1952, and it was then sold in jars, as it is now, having made the glass-to-plastic conversion (and I'm talking about the packaging, not the product).

Along the way, at least according to me, Cheez Whiz appeared in an aerosol-like spray can. I know it in my heart. And I know it because of a scene in the Blues Brothers, in which Dan Aykroyd chucks what he describes as a can of Cheez Whiz to an old man.

My research on the Internet shows that there's been some debate over the Easy Cheese-Cheez Whiz controversy, but no definitive word from Kraft. And my friend Ed -- a reliable authority on all matters regarding Long Island and much of life's minutia -- has been hammering me lately on facts.

When I was in Orlando last week for the launch of Disney's newest attraction, The American Idol Experience Ed correctly pointed out my error in referring to Disney World (not Disneyland) as "The Happiest Place on Earth" (and please note that I edited my blog accordingly). Thanks Ed. It takes a big man to admit he's wrong (especially if, like me, he once worked for a Disney company). And that means at 5-foot-6, I'm big.

But I'm not always wrong. I've got a few years on Ed, and I can remember spray-on Cheez Whiz from my youth. (Please, somebody, help me out.) If I'm wrong, I'm almost certainly a victim of early onset Alzheimer's.

We began raging over this Wednesday evening, as we were enjoying a nice batch of Batter Blasters -- spray-on pancake and waffle mix, a new product he suggested that I write about last year.

Thanks, Ed, but you're the one who's going to be spraying your apology on a Ritz, when I call Kraft and get the whole story. To me, it's as clear as Easy Cheese's claim on its label that it's "an excellent source of calcium." If I'm wrong, I promise a public apology. If not, you can count on me to gloat.

In the meantime, if anyone has definitive proof or cares to chime in, please comment below.

Photo © Kraft Foods

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