30 Admittedly Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Work

Break the ice like a pro with these funny pick up lines

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It's not always easy to get a date. Even in the age of the internet with all of the various dating apps and matchmaking technology at our fingertips, there's something to be said for spotting someone across the room and summoning the courage to make your move. The only problem is that when you're face to face, you won't have time to formulate that perfect pick up line in order to woo your potential partner like you could if you were sitting behind a keyboard.

Thankfully, we've got the perfect pick up lines to try out next time you find yourself out in the real world. These silly and often suggestive quips provide the perfect way to break the ice using humor, which is a very attractive quality in a potential mate! At least, that's what my mom always told me, and she wouldn't lie. Would she?

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Hold Out Your Hand and Ask This Question

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"Hey I'm going for a walk. Will you hold this for me?"

This one is sure to get at least an eye roll. Let's call it a start!

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"I’m Going to Have to Ask You to leave...."

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"Because you're making the other girls look bad."

Flattery will get you everywhere.

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I’m Not a Photographer..."

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... but I can picture me and you together."

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"Have You Got Any Raisins?"

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When they answer "no," say, "Oh, then how about a date instead?"


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"Are You Cake?"

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"Because I want a piece of that."

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"Excuse Me, You Dropped Something."

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When she looks down and asks what she dropped, tell her, "Your standards."

Self-deprecating wit is our favorite kind.

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"Are You a Bank Loan?"

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"Well, you've certainly got my interest!"

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Take Her Picture on Your Phone

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Then tell her, "I just want to text my mom and show her what my next girlfriend looks like."

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"Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?"

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"Or should I walk by again?"

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"I Think There's Something Wrong With My Phone"

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"Could you try calling it for me so I can see if it works?"

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"I'm New in Town"

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"Could you give me directions to your place?"

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"What Do You Think of This Shirt?"

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"Go ahead and feel it. It's nice, right? It's made out of boyfriend material."

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"Is Your Name Google?"

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"Because you're the answer to everything I'm looking for."

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"I'm Afraid I Was Blinded by Your Beauty"

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"I'm going to need your name and phone number for insurance purposes."

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"Baby, I'm No Weatherman"

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"But if my prediction is accurate, you can expect a few inches tonight."

Fair warning, this one will either get you a date or slapped across the face.

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"On a Scale of One to America..."

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"How free are you tonight?"

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"I'm Not Actually This Tall"

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"I'm just sitting on my wallet."

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“My Buddies and I Made a Bet..."

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"They said that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful person in the club. So what should we do with their money?"

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“Don’t Tell Me if You Want Me to Take You Out to Dinner”

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“Just smile for yes, or do a back flip, somersault, counter-spin gymnastics combination for no.”

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“Hey, My Name’s Microsoft”

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"Can I crash at your place tonight?"

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"Your Middle Name Must Be Gillette"

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"Because you’re the best a man can get.”

This pick up line also has a catchy jingle so she won't be able to get you out of her head. Smart.

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I Know You're Busy Today..."

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"But maybe I can get on your 'to do' list tomorrow?"

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You Stole my Heart..."

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"... so can I steal your last name?"


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You Remind Me of My Appendix

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"I don't know you, but something inside me is saying I should take you out."

I thought they were going to say "largely useless and can cause sudden pain when you least expect it," but this is better.

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"I Want to Tell You Your Fortune"

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Take her hand and write your phone number on it. "There's your future." 

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"Are There Any Cops Around?"

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"Because I'm about to steal your heart."

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"I'm Not a Hoarder"

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"Yet you make me want to keep you forever."

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"What's Your Favorite Color?"

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Whatever color she answers, say, "Me too! We must be soulmates!"

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"You Look Familiar. Did We Go to School Together?"

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"I could have sworn we had chemistry."

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"You Can't Be My First...."

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"But you can be my last."

Now that you've got some funny pick up lines in your arsenal, go forth and find someone to try 'em out on.