Great Cheers for Every Sport

Cheerleaders ready for a parade
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While some cheers work for specific sports, others can be used on the basketball court, football field, wrestling mat, or anywhere your team is playing. This collection of great cheers are favorites among cheerleaders, and each can be used throughout the game to get fans behind the team.

V for Victory!

What's the purpose of a game? To have fun and, hopefully, win. Victory is sweet, and these cheers encourage your team to go for the win.

Victory, we wanna win,
Do it again
W-I-N Farmers (team name) will win,
W-I-N Farmers will win!
Purple and white (team colors)
Farmer team lets fight
We are the best, Victory (pause)
Oh yes!​

When you have a long pause in the action, this longer cheer is a fun one to get everyone excited. Add your own moves to it, and it's sure to be a showstopper.

Victory Victory
That's our cry
Victory Victory
That's our pride
Split that V
Dot that I
Curve that C-T-O-R-Y
Superior We're #1
Heading for the top
Our spirit above the rest
Never can be stopped
Together in unity
Unbeatable and bold
Mustangs (team name) strive for victory
Blue and Gold (team colors)

Tell Them Who You Are

A great cheer strategy is to let the other team know who you are and that your team is not messing around. A quick little cheer like this gets the job done with a little style.

We're the Eagles (team name)
And we're trouble, capital T,
We're T-R-O-U-B-L-E
So you better not mess with me...UH.!!!!

After this cheer, your opponents definitely will not forget who you are.

We are the Tigers (team name) (STOMP, team name, STOMP)
We are the best (team name, STOMP, team name, STOMP)
The other team (team name, STOMP, team name, STOMP)
Can take a rest, Yes!

We Got the Spirit

Bring your attitudes to the game and show off your team spirit with this fun round of cheers. They're very creative and are just waiting for your personal touch to give them real pizazz.

We are the Falcons (team name) and you know what we got,
What do we got?
We got a squad that is hotter then hot,
How hot is hot?
Batman and superman, ah huh ah huh,
Can't do what the Falcons can

The possibility of movements you can add to this cheer are endless. It's a great one for lulls in the action when it's the cheerleader's time to shine.

Peaches and cream,
Peaches and cream,
Whats the matter with the other team?
Nothing at all, Nothing at all,
They just can't play football (sport)!
H (pause) O-T,
We're hot so hot,
The strong, proud, Packers (team name),
Can't be stopped,
Our spirit is rising, And can't be undone,
Watch out Knights (opponent) we're number 1!

Get the Fans Involved

No matter which sport you're cheering for, getting the crowd excited is your number one job. A little interaction usually does the trick and can be a great boost for the team.

It's time to get loud
It's time to represent
EHS (school) what time is it?
(repeat 3x's)
Patriots (team name) fans up in the stands
Let's give our team a great big hand
(chant team name many times)

Customize this variation on the classic "go, fight, win" cheer to fit your team and fans will quickly catch on.

Hey! Eagles (team name), Are you ready?
Yell! Go big black (team colors)! Go big black!
Hey! Eagles, Are you ready?
Yell! Go big Green (team colors)! Go big Green!
Hey! Eagles Are you ready?
Yell! Beat those Warriors (opponent)!
Beat those Warriors!
Hey! Eagles are you ready?