Basketball Cheers and Chants

Spice up this basketball season with some new cheers and chants.

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Submitted by: CHEERCHIKA13

Rebound that basketball,
do it for red & white!

Stomp clap stomp stomp clap stomp LET'S GO RED! clap

Pull down, rebound, rebound,
pull down, rebound!

Pull down that rebound,
and go, go (clap clap)

Rebound that ball.

Submitted by: BLONDEMOMEN3

Standing on the line,
looking mighty fine.
Come on braves,
now's that time.
Sink that ball Braves,
Sink it!

Sink that ball Braves,
Sink it!

See that ball go round and round,
Get the rebound, Get the rebound!

Note: "We do a really cool clap/stomp rebound chant that the crowd loves. Try making up a clap/stomp pattern that's really short simple and then at the end just yell rebound! It's really good when you want to do a rebound cheer in a short amount of time."

Submitted by: ASHLYEB811

Shoot two again
We want to win,
Falcons, Shoot two.
Note: The motions go, clasp it out but hit a punch on win. Then on the mascot name, your arms brush down beside your waist, then hit a clap, then flatten it out and say shoot, hit a "T" on two.

Submitted by: KRISSY242

Step to it,
move toward it.
Get that ball in your hands
Come-on mighty Bobcats,
Excite your fans!

Submitted by: THSGD2003

Stand up, let's cheer
Let 'em know we're here!
(repeat 3x) Gets faster each time that you do it also!

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