13 Fun Cheers for Basketball Cheerleaders

Get Creative and Add Motion to These Great Cheers

Crowd of sports fans cheering
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Basketball cheerleaders have a fun job. The close quarters of the basketball court give you a great opportunity to interact with your team's fans in the stands. It also lets you use creative basketball cheers to fill the gym with team spirit.

If you're looking for a few new cheers to bring to the game, check out these great chants created by cheerleaders. You can give each your own personal spin by using your motions and adding movements or changing up the words. They could even be used at an upcoming cheerleading tryout.

Go, Fight, Win

These cheers are all about rallying the fans as the action on the court heats up. When your team needs a little extra support, one of these is sure to give them that extra boost.

Hey, hey, go, fight, win,
Hey, hey 'til the end.
Hey, hey, go, fight, win,
Until the very end!(repeat 3 times)​​
Submitted by: Callie

Team spirit shines in this very creative cheer. It's a fun rhyme and you can add some great moves, especially when it comes time to yell out the directions.

We got the spirit, yea, yea.
We got the spirit, yea, yea.
We got the North, the South, the East, the West,
Trojans (team's name) don't play no mess.
We got the spirit, yea, yea.We got the spirit, yea, yea.
We got the North, the South, the East, the West
Trojans don't play no mess,
We got the spirit!
Submitted by: Rachael

A good, short rallying cry should be in any cheerleader's arsenal. This one is fun, simple, and great for either defense or offense.

What does that spell?
Let's go!
So, let's go Warriors (team name), let's go, let's go!​​
Submitted by: Brittany

At critical points in the game, this cheer can really get the gym rocking. 

We're mad, we're mad,
We're really, really bad.
You can't touch this.
We're better than you,
'cause we're up by two!
Submitted by: Caitlin

Action on the Court

Basketball is filled with action and this can lead to some really fun and short cheers. Keep an eye on the court and let the fans hear you shout these out loud and clear.

Basket - we need it, need it.
Basket - we got it, got it!
(repeat 3 times)
Submitted by: ​Haley

This is a whimsical little cheer that is too much fun to pass up. It's perfect for a free-throw shot or when the team's trying to get a vital three-pointer.

Genie, genie, grant my wish.
Let me hear that ball go swish!
Submitted by: Gabby

As a squad, you can come up with some great movements and play around with this little rhyme. With the right choreography, it can be great when your team is on a good streak or making a comeback.

Down, down, down, the court.
Up, up, up the score.
Down the court, up the score,
We want more!
(repeat 2 times)
Submitted by: A.J.

It's a classic cheer that many basketball players use themselves. When your team has the ball, give them a little encouragement from the sidelines.

Dribble it.
Pass it.
Let's make a basket!
Submitted by: A.J.

Did a player just make a great shot that might not have gone in? There's a cheer for that, of course!

Did it roll around the rim?
And did it go right in?
Uh huh! (clap clap)
Okay (clap clap), go Wildcats (team name)!
Submitted by: Raven

You will find many times throughout a game to yell out this quick little rhyme.

The hoop is open.
The net is hot.
Make that shot!
Submitted by: ShyBaby

Whether your team is struggling or they're making a great rally, this cheer is a fun one that can really get everyone into another going.

Warriors (team name) (stomp twice)
Get on your j-o-b
S-c-o-r-e and score!
Repeat 3x
Submitted by: Ashley

Excite the Fans

Basketball fans love to interact with cheerleaders and they're some of the most vocal of any sport. It's a good idea to have quite a few cheers ready that make them feel like they're part of the action.

We don't need no music,
We don't need a band.
All we need are Bobcats (team name),
Jamming in the stands.
Jamming in the stands!
Submitted by: Robyn

When the team has or needs a little momentum, play to the crowd and toss out this cheer. It's a ton of fun with movements and everyone loves it.

We're 1, not 2, not 3, not 4
We're gonna win, not lose, not tie that score.
We're on top, not bottom, not in between.
So Lion (team name) fans get on your feet and scream!
Submitted by: Samantha