Cheers, Chants and Yells

Collection of cheers, chants and yells submitted by cheerleaders

Cheerleaders Holding Pom-Poms
Zia Soleil/Getty Images

Here's a collection of cheers and chants that cheerleaders and coaches have shared with us. You can either use them as they are, or add your own motions, change up the words a bit, and be creative. Hope you enjoy them.

G-O- let me here ya say GO! (GO)
That's right, unite, let me here you say FIGHT! (FIGHT)
W-I-N, let me here you say WIN! (WIN)
Together again GO, FIGHT, WIN HEY!
GO, FIGHT, WIN HEY! (stomp, stomp, clap, stomp---stomp clap (while clapping the last clap you yell out GO!)
(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp---stomp clap - FIGHT!)
(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp--- stomp, clap - WIN!)
GO, FIGHT, WIN HEY! (repeat stomp and clap 1 more time).

-Submitted by: Trisha

Who are you yelling for?
LE Demons
Stand up and yell once more
LE Demons
Louder now, let's hear it for
LE Demons!

-Submitted by: Meghan

Go (right arm up)
Fight (right arm to side)
Win (right arm down)
The Mustangs (or teams name) are at it again XX
Were on top (right arm in the air and hand in a fist)
We can’t be stopped (left arm in the air and hand in fist)
Go, (right arm down)
Fight, (left arm down)
Win X
(X=clap-also repeat 3 times).

-Submitted by: Alyssa

We are the cougars (teams name) and we wanna win,
We did it once before and we can do it again, (front walkover),
Please don't make us mad cuz we'll get nasty and mean (tuck),
And we just might decide to roll over your team (tumble and split).

-Submitted by: Sabrina

Nobody-does it-like our team
Cause our team is the best
The Mighty Hightstown Rams
Will put you to the test!
Were moving on
To victory!
Were rising to the top
Watch out
The blue and white
Just can't be stopped!

-Submitted by: VickiSplitz

Come on mighty tigers
You know what to do
You got to
rock with the black,
and roll with tha gold!
Go Tigers - Lets fight!

-Submitted by: ShortyPie

B-e, (rest of team repeat)
a-r-s, (rest of team repeat)
(all) Show your stuff, say it loud we're the bears,
Say it proud!
BEARS wooo
*clap to the beat*

-Submitted by: Ali

We're not rude
We're not mean
We're gonna cheer for the other team
Go Tigers Go
Go Tigers Go
Off the field, Out the gate
Go Tigers Go
Off the field, Out the gate
Go Tigers Go!

-Submitted by: brit brat

We're the Spartans
We say Hi
We say Hi with our battle cry
We say Hi with our battle cry!

-Submitted by: ​Brandi

Who shakes the best (front line)
We shake the best (back line)
(all together) The Warriors put you to the test,
'cuz we shake the best!

-Submitted by: ​De'Shaun