Classic Cheers for Cheerleaders

Part of being a cheerleader is keeping the cheers fresh and unique

Mlenny/Getty Images

Experienced cheerleaders know that doing a cheer is a lot more than shouting words at the top of your lungs and waving your arms around endlessly. There are many factors that determine if you are doing a cheer correctly. For instance, your motions have to be clean and sharp, you have to use your voice properly and pronounce each word clearly. 

Some of the best cheerleaders work the hardest on their skills. A squad can only be as good as its weakest member, so it benefits everyone to raise the level of cheerleading throughout the entire squad. Keeping the cheers fresh and original is an important way to engage the audience on the team's behalf.

Cheerleaders are always on the lookout for new cheers. We put together a list of cheers from experienced cheerleaders that you can customize for your squad and your home team. Some of them are older, classic cheers and some are newer varieties. 

Got that rhythm feelin fine
Let your body rock *snap snap*
Let your feet keep time *stomp stomp stomp*

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
hate to beat you, but we must
when you're up, you're up
when you're down, you're down
when you're messing with the (your mascot)
you're up (clap clap) side(clap clap) down (clap clap)
up side down!

(mascot) take the floor
(your school colors) the team you can't ignore
We'll win tonight (mascot)!

First I said purple (clap 3 times)
Then I said black (clap 2 times)
Now I said white (1 clap)
Panthers yeah, Panthers let's fight!

S-U-P (pause) E-R
Super that is what we are
Super (stomp twice) yeah uh huh!

Hey Bears S-C-O-R-E!
Score, Bears, score (REPEAT three times and the third time get loud)
Score bears score!

I am a mighty RAM from mighty town
It takes a mighty RAM to knock me down
If you don't like my apples, then don't shake my tree
I'm a MIGHTY MIGHTY RAM so what?
Don't mess with me!

Are you ready?
ready for the best
Thirkell #1
oh yeah nothing less
Going to the top,
we can't be stopped.
Let's go girls
yell blue (blue)
yell gold (gold)
yell white (white)
Thirkell Jaguars (oh yeah) let's fight
Can you feel it (WHAT)
feel the heat
blue, gold, and white
how sweet
With spirit and spark we steal the show
Gotta go

R-E-D-H-O-T what do we got (clap clap)
We gotta lot (clap-clap)
we gotta team that's REDHOT!

Yell for the (name of your team)
We can't be beat
So watch out (your opponent)
We'll knock you off your feet!

Come on crowd get ready
'cus we have just begun
to prove to you once again
why we are number (jump) 1
(team color) is our strength
and (team color) is our spirit (show spirit)
(team color) is our power
Get on your feet, let's hear it!
team colors-go!
team colors-fight!
team colors-win!
Put it all together you get
Go, fight, win!
Go, fight, win!