30 Great Cheers and Chants for Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders holding up pom poms
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If there is one thing a cheerleading squad can't have too many of, it's cheers! We have plenty of fun cheers and chants for your squad, including great ways to fire up the crowd and a few just for basketball and football.

Use these cheers as they are or get creative with them. Change up the words, add your own motions, or let them inspire a cheer of your own. No matter what, using different cheers can make your squad more entertaining and help you motivate the fans.

The Best Cheerleading Chants for Any Sport

Every squad needs a good set of standard cheers that promote the team. These can be used for any sport, are simple and fun, and can really keep the momentum up.

Let's get physical
Get down, get hard, get mean
Let's get physical
And beat that other team!

This quick little cheer includes some clapping that adds to the fun of the game.

Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey are you ready? (double clap)
Are you ready? (double clap)
To play (clap)
Say go team (clap)
Go team (clap)
Panthers (mascot) all the way!

You can add some great motions to this fun chant. Get sassy and really show off your team spirit.

We've got Razzmatazz!
Pep, Punch, and Pizzazz!
Hey, you - You've been had!
Shadyside Tigers (school and mascot) got Razzmatazz!

This is a cheer that can really eat up some time on the play clock while showing your support for each player. It's perfect for sports like basketball or wrestling where just a one or a few players are in the game.

Stronger than steel,
Hotter than the sun;
Robbie (player name) won't stop,
'til he gets the job done!
(repeat for each player)​

Need a quick cheer? This fun little rhyme is short but not too sweet.

We are the Steelers (mascot),
And we can't be beat
Because we got the power,
to knock you off your feet!

Are you ready to take your team to the top? Here's a unique cheer for you.

Yeah, Yeah,
Do We Rock?
Yeah, Yeah,
Take it to the Top?
Yeah, Yeah
Are we gonna stop?
No way!

Get the Crowd Excited

When it's time to get the fans involved, we have a few great cheers to help you spread the enthusiasm.

Y-E-L-L (repeat 4x)
Everybody YELL YELL

No one will forget your team with this chant. It repeats your team name and if you get creative with your motions, it can really make an impact.

Hey, You Black Knight (mascot) fans,
Stand up and clap your hands!
Go Knights Go,
Go Knights Go!
Hey, You Black Knight Fans
Now let's see you wave your hand!
Go Knights Go, Go Knights Go!
Go Knights Go, Go Knights Go!

There are times when the fans aren't very excited, but this cheer is sure to fix that problem.

Trojans (mascot) Stand UP!
Stand up and Scream
The best yea we're yellin' for the number 1 team
Let's hear it for the Trojans
The green and the white (school colors)
Number one, that's what we said
The best yea alright
GO green - Fight white
Let's go Trojans
Go big green - Let's Fight!

Here's a great cheer that has a little back and forth between your captain, the squad, and the crowd. It has a great rhythm and is ideal for the end of a game when the team really needs your help.

(Captain says) Come on, Grangers (mascot), what's your battle cry?
(Squad says) V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Victory! XX Grangers!
Come on, crowd, what's your battle cry?
(Crowd and Squad says) V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!
Victory! XX, Grangers! XX
Victory! XX, Grangers! XX

One time reading through this cheer and we're sure you'll have lots of fun ideas for motions. It's cute, sassy, and a ton of fun.

S is for Super
U is for Unique
P is for Perfect, 'cause you know we are sweet.
E is for Enthusiasm
R is for Rap
So come on all you Ram (mascot) Fans!
And Dang stand back!​

If you want to get a crowd's attention, start your cheer with, "Ready, OK!" It's a classic that will never go out of style.

Ready Ok
Panther (mascot) spirit
Yea get up, get up
Let's hear it
Yell for the team that is the best,
Come on crowd yell L-H-S, L-H-S (school initials)
Yea that's right
Let's go, let's fight, let's win
Panthers Panthers alright!​

When it's time to make some real noise, pull out this chant. The stomping and yelling are sure to throw the other team off their game.

1-2-3-4 Let me hear you stomp the floor!
DHS D-DHS (school initials) (stomping & pumping fist)
5-6-7-8 everybody rotate!
(say hoo hoo hoo hoo while rotating)
9-10-11-12 let me hear you Eagles (mascot) yell!
(everybody yells)​

Fight for the Win!

What's the ultimate goal of a cheer squad? To make sure everyone watching the game has fun cheering their team on to a win. This round of cheers is perfect for firing up that fighting spirit.

That's the way we spell success
We wish you luck and all the rest
With S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

It's simple and easy to remember, so this is a good standby cheer to have when you want to get things moving.

Hey, Hey it's time to fight
Everybody yell blue and white (school colors)
Hey, Hey let's do it again
Everybody yell GO FIGHT WIN
Go, Fight, Win!
Go, Fight, Win!​

You'll cheer for many games when your team is struggling and this simple chant is perfect for those moments.

Unity and teamwork
Let's pull it together and fight.
Yell for the Bears (mascot),
The black, gold, and white! (school colors)​

Repetition is always a good thing because it doesn't take long for the crowd to catch on to the cheer. Make this one a regular at your games and it will only get better as the season goes on.

We got it all together,
We're fighting for a win (clap)
South Orlando Braves (team name) (clap),
on top again!
Repeat 3x​

If your team colors include white (even just a little), this is the perfect cheer for your team.

Orange, black and a little white,
We're the Beavers (school mascot),
And we'll fight, fight, fight!

It's Time to Get Tough

Fire up your team and remind everyone how tough you are with this set of cheers and chants.

Let's get fired up
Get rough, get tough, get mean
Let's get fired up
and roll right over that team!
(repeat 3x)

A quick rhyme like this one can have just as much of an impact as any other.

Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

Have fun with the "whoopsie" in the last line, just be sure to keep it clean!

We're number one
Can't be number two
And we're going to beat
The whoopsie out of you!

Bring your mascot to the center of attention with a quick four-line chant that leaves no one on the field questioning your team's greatness.

Wildcats (mascot) are ready
Wildcats are smooth
Wildcats will take control
And stomp all over you!

Another great interactive cheer, you can build on this and add more verses to get fans to blow with you.

5,6,7,8 - Hey, Hey you!
Get out of our way,
because today is the day,
we will blow you away (blow to your right)!

Football Cheerleading Chants

Football offers many opportunities for unique cheers. Some of the games can get long, so be sure to have plenty of cheers available for those nights.

You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track
But when it comes to football
You might as well step back
Might as well step back
Say what?
You might as well step back
Can't hear you
Might as well step back
Go Knights (team name)!

The great thing about football is it gives you plenty of time to cheer for the defense and offense separately. Here's a simple one for defensive plays that you can squeeze in anytime.

Hold that line, Defense,
It's party time, Defense Push em back
Sack that quarterback!

Is the team taking a quick timeout? Take advantage of the moment with a longer cheer like this.

Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Fight, Win!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Go, Go!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Fight, Fight, Fight!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Win, Win, Win!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Fight, Win
Go, Fight, Win!
Go, Fight, Win!

Basketball Cheerleading Chants

Basketball moves fast, so you'll want to have a number of quick cheers to rotate into the game. From offense to defense, this collection of basketball cheers should give you a good start.

Dribble, dribble, bounce pass
Eagles team can run fast
Dribble, dribble, chest pass
Eagles team is never last
In the air, catch the ball

Insert your favorite pro basketball player here if you like, but you can never go wrong with leaving in a legend like Michael Jordan.

Watch him fly
Like Michael Jordan, my oh my
Alley-oop and two more points
Alley-oop and through the hoop
Go, Bandits (mascot)!

Need a cheer for defensive plays? This quick four-liner is a perfect option.

Jump up high, hit the shot
Reject that basket
Jump up high, no score for you
Reject that basket

Don't forget to include claps and stomps in your basketball cheers. This is a fun and short cheer for the defense that everyone's sure to love.

It won't (clap)
It won't (stomp)
It won't go in
but it'll roll around the rim,
but it won't go in​​