Cheerleading Cheers for Cheerleaders - Basketball

Cheer leader (4-5) holding pompoms
Dana Neely/Getty Images

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Submitted by: Erica

2 X 4 is half of sixteen,
All for the Tornadoes,
Stand up and lean.
A lean, lean, lean - woo
A lean, lean, lean - woo
(repeat 2-3 times)

Submitted by: Katelynn

Wildcats Hit It
Red is our color (clap, stomp)
Black is the other (clap, stomp)
Wildcats is our name (clap)
Basketball is our game (clap and arms up).

Submitted by: Gabriella

Basketball is what we do,
and we'll cheer it just for you.
Shake it high and shake it low,
in the hoop the ball will go.

Submitted by: Cynthia


Submitted by: Kaitlyn

Hi, hello and how do you do?
We are the Warriors (your team name)cheerleaders,
and we're here to welcome you.
With a capital H and a dot at the I,
The Warriors (your team name) cheerleaders are here to say "Hi."

Submitted by: Lola

You might be good at football.
You might be good at track.
But, when it comes to basketball,
you might as well step back!
Come on!

Submitted by: Jillayne

Roll it - X
Now shake it - X
Wildcat team let's take it
Repeat 2 times - X = Clap

Submitted by: Angel

Dribble it (clap, clap)
Pass it (clap, clap)
We want a basket!
Repeat 3x

Submitted by: Kelly

When I say icy you say cold.
When I say disco you say beat.
When I say rock'n' you say roll.
When I say cougars (your mascot name) you say sweet.
Icy icy, cold cold, disco disco, beat beat,
rock'n' rock'n', roll roll,
Cougars, Cougars so sweet! (repeat 3x)

Submitted by: Jessica

Dribble it (clap x2)
Shoot for two,
Take that ball to the hoop de hoop!

Submitted by: Tiffany

Rock, rock, rock, rock
Steady Eddie, Eddie, rock (clap 3X)
Steady (clap 3X)
The Cubs (clap 3X) are ready!

Submitted by: Alex

Move it, down the court,
Let's go! clap clap clap

Submitted by: Chy

The hoops are open,
The net is hot,
make that shot!

Submitted by: Jazmine

Defense (clap) get, back (clap),
Defense, get that ball back! (then you step back once)