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Cheers for Basketball Submitted by Cheerleaders

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Basketball is a fast-paced game and the tension of a close one can leave fans short of breath. But when there are brief lulls, cheers can fill the gaps and keep both the fans and players pumped. And when the pace is hot, they can drive players on to even greater heights.

Here are some favorites that diehard fans use to root on their favorite teams. 

Cheers to Motivate the Fans

All athletes want to respond to the excitement of their fans. These cheers will get those fans up and jumping.

Hey everybody get on your feet.
Hey everybody do the (team name) beat!
(stomp clap, stomp clap, stomp clap clap - now spirit)

(Submitted by Arianna)


We've got pride (clap clap clap)
On our side (clap clap clap)
You know it, we show it
We've got pride!

(Submitted by Gurliedurl)

Cheers to Motivate the Players

Then there are the cheers that reach down onto the court and hopefully drive our favorite players on to win. 

Dribble it (clap, clap)
Pass it (clap, clap)
We made a basket! (clap, clap)

(Submitted by Jenny)


The hoop is open.
The net is hot,
Make that shot!
(Submitted by Gina)

Here's one from Trackgrlie111: 

Let's G, let's G
Let's O, let's O
Let's go mighty (team name)
Let's Go!

And another from Taylor: 

Shoot it, shoot it! (put your hands up like you're shooting a basketball)
Make it, make it, whoosh, baby, whoosh! 

Some use letters: 

The (team name) are hot to go!
Singing whoooop hot to go,
Whoooop hot to go!

(Submitted by Hannah Banana)

And some go with numbers:

We're number 1,
Not number 2!
And we're gonna beat the
"Whoops" out of you! (repeat 3x)

(Submitted by Trell)

Some are in it for the long haul:

Hey, hey go, fight, win.
Hey, hey 'til the end.
Hey, hey go, fight, win until the very end!

(Submitted by Moe)

And some want action right now:

Dominate the floor,
(Team name) raise that score.
Give it all you got,
(Team Name) make that shot.
Go (team color)!
Go (team color)!
(Team name) make that shot!

(Submitted by: Cindy)

This one challenges the opponent:
We are the mighty (team name) and we'll put you to the test!
We're doing it,
We're doing it,
We're doing it, like we should.
We'll pick you up and turn you out, there's no doubt! Lights out!

(Submitted by Chicago Finest)

Some cheers require synchronization: 

(Half the cheerleaders say) Boogy on down!
(The other half says) Boogy on down!
(1st half says) Alright, alright!
(2nd half says) Alright, alright!
(Everyone says together) Go, fight, win tonight!
Boogy on down alright alright!

(Submitted by TL Lakers) 

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