C-H-E-E-R-S: A Collection of Cheerleader's Favorite Cheers

Part 11: More Cheers - Cheerleaders' favorite cheers.

Are you looking for a few new cheers or chants to add to your cheerleading squad's collection? If so, you have come to the right place. About Cheerleading has a huge collection of cheers and chants for any sport-- basketball, football... and some great tips for choreography. Check out the suggestions at the end of this list to make sure that your cheers and chants have maximum impact!

Submitted by: CHEELEADA

We Will We Will
Rock you down
Heat you up
Like a volcano about to erupt
Turn it to the left
Turn it to the right
Stand up, sit down,
Fight, Fight. Fight!

Submitted by: CHEERBEAN

Ready to challenge
Put up a fight
Back in the battle
(color) revs up tonight
Come on guys push on through 1 2
Fight for the team that's strong and bold
Come on (team) xx go for the gold!!

Submitted by: CHEERSMS07

Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
Move to the groove of the ______ beat!
Hit it! (stomp your feet and move your arm (one arm)in a circle with the other hand on your hip and when you get to a full circle clap your hands again and do it three times in a row)

Submitted by: APCHEER00

Smile, sparkle, shine, gets em' every time,
Smile, sparkle, shine (clap clap clap)

Submitted by: JUICE03

Hey New Bern (school name)
Are you ready?
Straight to the top
We'll never stop
Victory Again!

Submitted by: NHSCHEER

Jackets let's do it
take the ball and shoot

Jackets you can do it
all you gotta do is put your mind to it
and do it.

Submitted by: CHEERLEADR83

We are the "team name" and we are the best;
Once we get it started you'll forget about the rest;
You've seen the other teams;
They don't pass the test;
They're not number one;
Simply second;
We're the best!

Submitted by: BABYDOL813

This side x stand up x (Point to the side you want to stand up)
and yell for the Blue and White x
Yell it!
Blue and White
Blue and White xxx

Submitted by: SWEETANGEL_6

Don't mess with us we are for real,
You've gotta face the real deal!
Just shake your body all around
Just shake your body up and down
Yell T-I-G (quick pause) E-R-S
Go go Tigers go! (I said)
Yell T-I-G (quick pause) E-R-S
Go go Tigers go!

Want to get the crowd to go wild? How about trying some Shout Out Chants? Shout out chats are chants where your squad encourages the fans in the stands to repeat the words. They are performed with a musical rhythm and clean, flowing motions which aren't too hard to learn.

This is a great way to get your hometown audience familiar with a cheer or chants so they can cheer along every week. Try choosing only one or two cheers or chants at first and use these every week until the fans are familiar with both the words and motions before adding more.

Edited by Christy Mitchinson