Cheers, Chants, and Yells

Rah-Rah Along With These Cheerleader Favorites

Female cheerleader shouting into megaphon
Victoria Snowber/ Digital Vision/Getty Images

Gone are the days when all cheerleaders did was lead a few rah-rah sis boom bah's from the sidelines. Today, cheering is something of a sport itself, with squad leaders guiding their teams to ever more creative cheers, chants, and yells—and the moves to go with them—all designed to fire up the fans and inspire the players.

Cheerleaders from around the world submitted their favorites below. Just substitute the name of your school, team, and mascot—and go, go, go!

Mocha Hawaii Drives the Bengal Express

Bonanza Bengals are the best
We're number 1, we're BHS
We'll put you to the test
Fighting harder than the rest
We're pushing to the top
Brown and Gold cant be stopped
Go, fight, Win
Yell go, fight, win

Julie's Clappin' Rap

We're number 1 hey hey (1 clap)
Under the sun hey hey (1 clap)
As for you (2 claps)
You're number 2 (2 claps)

On Point With Ally's Rally

Get up
Get down
Pass that ball around
Because you know we'll be number 1

Princess Stops the Clock

We're not number 5
Not number 4
Number 3
Number 2
We're number 1
Let's go Rams
Why are you so blue?
Is it because your team is number 2?
We're number 1
Let's go Rams

We want you
To shoot for two
So shoot shoot shoot
For two two two

Laur Laur's Stormin' Stomp

We're the best (clap)
We can't be beat (clap)
We'll rock this joint (clap)
To your defeat (clap)
GO RED STORM (your team mascot)

Julie Gets Down

First down
Get a touchdown
Stop the clock
Gotta get down (clap)

Juli's Clap and Stomp

Clap your hands (clap clap clap)
Stomp your feet (stomp stomp stomp)
Clap your hands (clap clap clap)
Stomp your feet (stomp stomp stomp)
We're the Hawks that can't be beat!
(repeat as many times as you want)

Cheerbug's Jeering Cheer

Watch out, we're here
Everybody, stand clear
Let's shout, let's cheer
Our victory is near
Lions, L-I-O-N-S, that's our name
We are the best
Yes, Lions are the best
Lions are the best
We're in control
Lions can't be beat
Victory how sweet

Pooh Says Take the Ball

They got the ball
We want the ball
So take it away
(repeat three times)

Courtney's Challenge

Panthers and Bulldogs
The game of the year
Pump up the action
Get ready to cheer
We've got a power that you won't believe
Yeah, we're the Panthers
And we're tough, strong, and mean

Cheerleaders of West Point Middle School Chime In

Let's go (pause pause)
Let's go, chip in, it's time to cheer
It's simple, yell what you hear
Go Warriors, go
Go Warriors. go
Fire up and scream
WPS, go team (repeat three times)

Babygrl69's Mighty Cheer

Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are so we tell them
We are the Hornets
The mighty, mighty Hornets


Pixie_chic457 Fires Up the Crowd

Olmstead Ramblers
We are the best
Come on fans, let's hear ya
Yell O-M-S
Yeah O-M-S
Hey, yell with us
The orange and black
We're here, we're ready
The rams will attack

Cheerqueen Gets Lean and Mean

1-2-3-4, get up
Get loud, stand up and shout
We are the best
The number one team

The Spirit of Pink Shuz

Jump around
Scream and shout
Pirates, spirit is what it's all about
C'mon, let's see some spirit
Green and white
Yell it

Sexy Sara Spikes the Perfect Volleyball Cheer

Bump it (echo one time)
Set it (echo one time)
Bump it, set it, spike it down (echo one time)

Lyndsie Spells a Victory

Split the "V"
Dot the "I"
Curl that "C"
T-O-R-Y, T-O-R-Y (repeat one time)

Ninys Chants a Freaky Dance

Do the freak the Panther way
Get way down and low
And swing your body to and fro (repeat three times)