The 10 Cheapest Motorcycles Available in America

What are the cheapest motorcycles money can buy?

We investigated bikes for sale in America (excluding scooters, minibikes, and the like), and produced this list of the ten least expensive bikes available. A few come from recognizable manufacturers, most are built in China, but all of these offerings are dirt-cheap; here they are, in ascending order of affordability.

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SSR Snake Eyes ($3,159)

Loaded with street-retro styling, like a laced front rim, plenty of blackout, a solo seat and truss swing arm, the Snake Eyes is a highly affordable China-made bike for entry-level customers wanting a custom look. Engine: 249 cc, 5-speed manual, 19 hp.   

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SSR XF250 ($3,099)

At nearly the same price as the Snake Eyes, the XF250 may present you with a difficult dirt-or-street decision. (They even have the same engine.) You can choose either the dual-sport or street wheels and tires. Engine: 249 cc, 5-speed manual, 19 hp. 

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SYM Wolf Classic ($2,999)

The Wolf Classic looks like a Honda from the old days, probably because this Taiwanese manufacturer used to make some of those old 125s for Honda. A fun retro bike for tooling around, if not a good one for highway travel; top speed is 65 mph. Includes both electric and kickstart, for an extra retro kick. Engine: 49 cc, 5-speed manual, 14.75 hp.

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Kawasaki Z125 Pro ($2,999) we have a tie at $2,999, but this one gets the better slot because, well, because it's a Kawasaki. The Z125 Pro is Kawi's competitor for the Honda Grom. It weighs in at a lean 225 pounds, giving a little more kick to its 125 cc single with 4-speed automatic transmission. For a nicely styled entry-level bike or just a fun errand-grabber, you can't beat a Kawasaki at this price.  Engine: 125 cc, 4-speed, 8.3 hp.

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Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Standard ($2,895)

The "standard" Ace by CCW is, in the words of its maker, "designed to look the part of your classic standard motorcycle." Basic design, basic features, one cool-looking bike. Engine: 230 cc, 5-speed, 11.5 hp.

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QLink XF200 ($2,650)

A full-size machine well within the price range of a mini. Nice styling and pretty basic features combined with relatively impressive power. The XF200 is the street bike with 17" wheels. The XP200 is its dual-purpose cousin, with 21" wheels. Engine: 199 cc, 4-speed manual, 15.4 hp.

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Cleveland CycleWerks FXx ($2,495)

According to CCW, "the FXx is not a dirt bike, it is not a mountain bike, it is a cross between the two." The FXx is the basic off-road version, with 21" wheels and off-road tires. Its street-legal sibling is the FXr. Engine: 110 cc, 4-speed, 7 hp.   

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CSC TT250 ($2,195)

A super-affordable enduro suitable for light off-roading. Standard dual-purpose design with 17" rear wheel and 21" front. Dual disc brakes, inverted forks and adjustable suspension add some value to its already very low price point. Engine: 230 cc, 5-speed, 16 hp.

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SSR Razkull ($1,999)

It appears as though the floor for this year's cheap motorcycles is $1,999. Compared to the K-Pipe 125 at the same price, the SSR Razkull has 12" wheels, slightly more power and, arguably, cooler styling (depending on your taste, of course). Engine: 125 cc, 4-speed, 8 hp.

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Kymco K-Pipe 125 ($1,999)

An entry-level machine in many ways, the K-Pipe 125 has user-friendly features like a low seat, semi-automatic transmission and an easily tamed power train. Basic, really cheap, easy to ride. Engine: 125 cc, 4-speed, 7 hp.