Cheaper Alternatives to Hunter Boots

How to get the Hunter Look for Less

Hunter Boots are incredibly popular, but they can also be fairly expensive, especially when you consider that they are really just rubber rain boots.

While pricey, there is no denying that they do an excellent job of keeping one's feet and pants dry when trudging through puddles, and with the insertion of a fleece liner they also make a fabulous makeshift winter boot.

If a pair of Hunter Boots is on your wish list, but your budget does not allow for the purchase of a pair of boots that will set you back almost $150, we found some cheaper alternatives to Hunter Boots that provide a very similar aesthetic at a fraction of the price.

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Classic Knee High Rain Boot

Classic Knee High Rainboot. Target

 For a boot that is remarkably similar the the Hunter Boot style, look no further than Target! This Classic Knee High Rain Boot is available in many colors – black, coral, fuchsia, grey, blue, mint, purple, red – so you can get a pair to match any outfit without breaking the bank. These boots cost just $39.99 per pair, but be sure to watch the Target Cartwheel App for any additional shoe savings!

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Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots

Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots. Target

 While Target has rubber boots like those above that look remarkably similar to the Hunter Boot style, it is worth noting that they also have a great selection of colorful patterned rubber rain boots! These Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots ($29.99) are stylish and will blend perfectly into this season's plaid trend, but they will also keep your feet warm and dry.

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Belted Equestrian Boots

Belted Equestrian Boots. däv

 däv specializes in rubber rain boots that are almost identical to Hunter Boots, although the selection at däv is much more varied than that at Hunter. The prices at däv are less than you will pay at Hunter, but more than you will pay for some comparable brands. There are frequent däv sales on the sample sale sites, however, so keep an eye out if you are looking for a pair of these boots for less!

These Belted Equestrian Boots are fairly pricey at $95, but how fantastic is the contrasting black boot with the red sole?

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Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots

Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots. Charlotte Russe

 I can be a bit of a shoe snob and generally believe that quality matters, however that belief does not extend to rubber rain boots. Sure, you can have rubber boots that are perhaps made of a more quality rubber than others, but based on the fact that they are probably not an everyday boot I would argue that most people can get away with a cheaper boot and have them last for quite awhile.

Rubber boots really are everywhere and I found this pair of Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots at Charlotte Russe for $24.99. Charlotte Russe has a great selection of boots and the best thing about this store is that they almost always have coupons available so there is little need to pay full price!

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Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots.

 Earlier this year I traveled to Kentucky and visited the Outlet Store, which is located just outside of Louisville. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend stopping by, especially if you are looking for designer shoes for less. I spotted UGGs, Kate Spade Shoes, Cole Haan Shoes, and many more, including Hunter Boots at prices lower than I have ever seen before! Plus, the Outlet almost always has coupons available that makes the prices even better.

If a trip to Kentucky isn't in your future, however, you can still get amazing savings by shopping the website. These Hunter Boots cost $81.99 at, compared to $148 that they cost on the Hunter website.

Keep Your Feet Dry Without Spending a Fortune

As much as we love designer shoes, paying full price for Hunter Boots just isn't a wise option for women on a budget. Check out any of these cheaper alternatives and your feet will not only stay dry and warm but your wallet will also be happy.