8 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Kids

Dyed Easter eggs
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Spring is indeed on its way, and that means Easter is right around the corner. Whether your kiddos are toddlers or teens, make time to celebrate Easter with your kids and create your own family memories. From making crafts to cooking favorite treats and meals, there are numerous ways—both religious and nonreligious—to celebrate this special holiday together as a family.

Color Easter Eggs

Mother and daughter wearing costume rabbit ears coloring Easter eggs and cookies
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Kids of all ages love breaking out the Easter egg dye! Make this tradition even more fun by trying out different techniques each year. You can even organize a 'vote' to see which types of colored eggs your kids like best. For example, you might compare old-fashioned, 'traditional' food coloring Easter eggs with marbled Easter eggs. Or encourage your kids to get creative and come up with techniques of their own. It may be messy, but it sure it memorable!

Attend a Community Easter Egg Hunt

Young girls gathering Easter eggs in garden
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Grab a few Easter baskets and take your kids to a local Easter Egg Hunt. In fact, community events like these are great opportunities to invite friends and neighbors—or even your co-parent—along. And don't forget to bring your camera! You won't want to miss the opportunity to capture the smiles on your kids' faces.

Play Easter Egg Games

Easter Egg Hunt!
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Make a traditional Easter egg hunt even more fun by adding your own Easter games, like an egg and spoon relay, an egg toss, or an egg roll. Invite your kids to create new games of their own, too. If you have kids of multiple ages, let the older ones teach the younger ones how to play. Be sure to include your neighbors and make it an annual affair.

Visit the Easter Bunny Together

Visit the Easter bunny
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Celebrate Easter with your kids by taking them to see the Easter Bunny at your local mall or by riding the Easter Bunny Express Train. Consider inviting another single parent family from your neighborhood to join you, as well. And, again, be sure to take lots of pictures so you can cherish the memories for years to come.

Make Resurrection Buns

Easter Buns
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Celebrate Easter with these yummy breakfast treats. Not only are they tasty and fun to make, but because the finished product is empty inside, they also illustrate the message of Easter.

Share the Story of Easter

Mother with children (4-7) on sofa, reading bible, smiling
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There are lots of ways you can share the Easter story with your children. You can begin simply by telling the story from your heart. Then, if you wish, you can also read the story together directly out of the Bible. Additional ways of sharing the Easter story include reading children's books about Easter and watching an Easter movie together. In time these can become traditions you'll look forward to sharing again each year.

Attend Church Services Together

Family Kneeling and Praying in Church
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If you haven't found a 'home church' for your family, Easter is a great time to start looking. Begin by asking around for recommendations. In addition, check the religion section of your local newspaper to find out what types of services are available. Don't limit yourself to the church buildings you see driving around town, either. A lot of congregations meet in alternative locations, such as school auditoriums and community centers. In addition, make a list of things you're looking for, such as children's programs, an active youth group, or a single parent support group. This will help you find a place to celebrate Easter with your kids all through the year.