Celebrate 'Back To School' With These Parody Videos

Every fall, parents ​and students prepare themselves for that holiest of all parenting events, back to school season. Between the purchasing of school supplies and the selecting of that all-important first day of school outfit, it's a busy and exciting endeavor for all involved.

For some parents, back to school time is one of the happiest times of the year. Stay at home parents now have a modicum of alone time built into their days, and working parents can finally relax knowing exactly where little Eunice or Horatio is between the hours of eight and three each day.

As it turns out, the only ones who aren't thrilled about the start of another school year may very well be the kids. Check out these very clever videos celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new school year.

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Baby Got Class

Still of the Baby Got Class Video
The Holderness Family / YouTube 

The Holderness Family is back with another hilarious viral video! You might remember Penn and Kim Holderness from their epically viral 2013 virtual Christmas card to the world, Xmas Jammies.

Here we find the spectacularly photogenic Holderness clan rapping along to a parody of Sir Mix A Lot's ode to big badonkadonks, Baby Got Back. Instead of liking big butts they like big backpacks, and instead of baby having a big butt, baby's got class. You get the idea.

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Brachmann and Hein: This School

A still from the Gotta Love School video
 Brachmann and Hein / YouTube

Two High School teachers in Union Grove, Wisconsin, are welcoming back their students with a cute and clever musical parody video yet again. For the third year in a row, physical education teacher Jordan Hein and science teacher Mitchell Brachmann have put on their dancin' shoes in hopes of raising funds for their classroom materials with a Go Fund Me campaign.

Watch as Brachmann and Hein, who are surprisingly good singers and dancers, by the way, bop along to their own version of Kenny Loggins' hit Footloose.

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Mommy's Happy Dance

A still from the Mommy's Happy Dance video
Tracy Moutafis / YouTube

Massachusetts mom Tracy Moutafis is back with her annual back to school "happy dance" video, and this year she's even happier than usual.

Why? Because she's dancing to Pharrell Williams's mega-hit Happy, that's way. Nice moves, Tracy!

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Back To School: Moms Go Wild

A still from the Back to School: Moms Go Wild video
WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

The Los Angeles-based comedy group WhatsUpMoms are no strangers to creating viral videos. Their Fancy parody "I'm So Pregnant" made the rounds early in 2014, and now they're back to celebrate that happiest of "momidays," the first day of school.

So what does a trio of moms with seven hours of kid-free time on their hands going to do? Take an unfettered trip to Target without their kids in tow, of course. #SOLO 

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Back To School Mom Rap

A still from the Back to School Mom Rap video
Deva Dalporto / YouTube

Deva Dalporto has written and performed another funny video based on parenting humor for her MyLifeSuckers YouTube channel. Dalporto was previously most well known for her spoof of Frozen's "Let It Go" and of Ylvis's "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" "What Does The Kid Say?"

This video is similar to WhatsUpMoms' offering, but with even more references to the simple pleasures of alone time, like using the bathroom alone and having time for beauty routines.