Cathy Meyer

Cathy Meyer is a Certified Divorce Coach, Marriage Educator and Legal Investigator. She works with people who expected to be married forever but are now facing divorce. Through her writing and individual coaching, Cathy provides clients with strategies and resources that empower them and equip them to grow through a time of adversity.

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During the past ten years, Cathy has worked with individuals and couples going through the divorce process. She assists her clients with setting goals, solving problems and working smoothly through a time of transition. As a legal investigator, Cathy has helped clients by mediating conflicts such as child custody, visitation, the division of marital assets and other issues that arise during divorce.

She is also trained as a Marriage Educator and has presented workshops and seminars based on The Marriage Breakthrough Seminar, How to Keep Love Alive developed by Michele Weiner-Davis. A program developed to assist couples build relationships that are more loving and lasting.

Cathy Meyer

"My passion for this subject comes from my own life experience with divorce and the Family Court System. I am driven to help others navigate the emotional and legal process of divorce in a way that will lessen any negative impact on all involved. My goal, through my writing and coaching is to give pro-active support and accurate information to help you maintain focus and control during a difficult period in your life."

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