Catherine Helbig

Cathy Helbig is a professional beauty writer with more than 10 years of experience covering topics including fragrance, cosmetics and style. Her numerous articles have appeared both online and in major print media publications.


Cathy has been a contributing writer to several leading women-focused websites, including As the Senior Writer for over 10 years at, a successful website targeting teenage girls, she managed the editorial calendar, while writing hundreds of words per week on a wide range of beauty, fragrance and fashion topics.

Catherine Helbig

I believe that fragrance is an essential accessory in any woman's wardrobe. I would no more leave the house without perfume than I would go out without shoes. With just a spritz of perfume, a woman may express her mood, pull together her outfit, or express her intent. I have spent many enjoyable years stocking my fragrance closet, and enjoy experimenting with new products, as well as layering old favorites. I hope to inspire readers to take a playful approach to fragrance, and help them to develop their personal fragrance wardrobes.

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