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One of the older dating sites, Casual Kiss is a well rounded and well populated free dating site offering a large number of additional features and contact options including group video chat, social networking, and gifts.It's sat on my best free dating site list for years; read on as to why and how to get the most out of the site.

Overview from Casual Kiss

"The best (and cheapest) dating site! Where else do you get blogs, clubs, chat, and community all in one nice little package?"

What a Membership Includes

At the time I first published this article (somewhere around 2008), Casual Kiss offered free memberships with the caveat that perhaps at some time in the future they would charge for their services again. (See the Membership Costs section of this review for more information).

With that in mind, a membership with Casual Kiss allows for full access to every corner of this information-rich and feature-heavy site, including:

  • People and Search: Dating personals, dating clubs, local dating events, and which members are celebrating a birthday today;
  • Words: Confessions (where dating members admit their most intimate secrets to all other members and where other members can comment in turn), blogging, message boards, dreams (same as confessions but instead about member dreams), horoscopes and dating advice;
  • Media: Hot or Not, video messaging, voice messaging and photo albums;
  • Interact: Features such as who's seen me, who's interested, who's voted for me (for member of the week), blogs I'm mentioned on, address book, subscriptions to message boards and blogs, my secret crush, my voyeurs, my reject list and who's winked at me.

Unique Features

There are so many unique features at Casual Kiss - which are constantly changing and being updated to include new things - that it's hard to keep up. Some that I found the most interesting:

  • The ability to change the look and/or color scheme of the site based on personal preferences;
  • A chat room which not only includes text chat but also group webcam chat with users from all over the world;
  • Social networking features similar to Facebook or MySpace;
  • One-click search feature for other members looking for a "one night stand", which Casual Kiss defines as 'members who are looking for a quick date in the next 24 hours';
  • Voting privileges for Member of the Week and Hot or Not;
  • A "voyeuring" feature showing who has looked at your profile recently;
  • The option to blog, post a photo diary, or send eCards to other members, all for free.

Membership Costs

Fees for Casual Kiss have fluctuated immensely over the years. At first, the site was completely free during an extended (almost five years) beta test, and then it was sold to a company who started to charge a small monthly fee (less than $5) for full access to all of Casual Kiss' services. Now their main web page states, "Put away your credit card and email your a** off!" but there is still a link on every personal members' page to a subscription offer - which currently tells users there is no need to pay for services at this time, but "when required" there will be a $5/month or $14.95/year fee for full service access.

The Bottom Line

The last time I checked Casual Kiss (mid-2014) it was still up and running, with the same features as when I reviewed it initially, minus some of the more adventurous offerings (live group video chat, for instance). Fast forward to mid-2016, however, and there's no sign of the site whatsoever. 

Sigh. The end of an era? Perhaps. Do send me a note if you know of anything. If you'd like to stay informed of all my new real dating site reviews, make sure to sign up for the newsletter

Ready to try Casual Kiss (and see if it's working again)? Then visit their website.