Meet the First Cast of "Below Deck"

The cast of 'Below Deck' season one.

"Below Deck" is a reality show on Bravo that follows crew members living and working aboard the 164-foot mega-yacht called Honor. Upstairs and downstairs worlds collide as the young and primarily single crew, known as “yachties,” live, love, and work behind the scenes of a luxurious, privately owned yacht while also tending to every whim of their wealthy and demanding guests.

The guest list changes with every episode as new charter clients board while others disembark, but the crew stays the same. In this photo album, meet the eight "Below Deck" cast members from season one. Each joined the show with a different level of experience, but all shared a love for life on the water and the ability to travel to beautiful and exotic locations.

Adrienne Gang

Adrienne Gang of Below Deck

Adrienne Gang is from Cleveland. As the chief stewardess, she oversaw the other stewards. A veteran of the yacht industry, Gang was the picture of professionalism during work hours. But she partied as hard as she worked and loved to relax and enjoy the beautiful destinations she visited.

A professional chef, Gang also cooked for celebrities and entertainers during the tour. Her sixth sense for knowing what clients want before they ask made her a favorite on board. She said the lifestyle suited her because she loves to travel and becomes restless when she's in the same place for too long.

Aleks Taldykin

Captain Aleks Taldykin of Below Deck

Aleks Taldykin is a Los Angeles native and was the captain of the Honor. He has been in love with the water since a young age and started out working on fishing boats when he was just 12 years old. By the time he was 19, he'd earned his first captain's license. Within a year after that, he started his own company, Elite Yacht Management. His clients have included numerous celebrities and even heads of state.

Calling himself a "Captain to the Stars," Taldykin prided himself on providing the best service possible. His personable manner and quick wit made him a favorite among charter-goers.

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson of Below Deck

Ben Robinson is a chef from Oxford, England. He is accomplished as a chef on both land and sea. After working under Italian master chefs in Florence, he earned an apprenticeship with the Michelin three-star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom.

Since then, Robinson has served as the head chef on numerous yachts over the years, including the largest sailing yacht in the world. When in port, he resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he enjoys his bachelor lifestyle but dreams of one day owning his own Michelin-rated restaurant.

C.J. Lebeau

CJ Lebeau of Below Deck

C.J. Lebeau is from San Diego. He first discovered his passion for sailing after college, when he and a group of friends sailed to exotic locales like the Caribbean, Colombia and the San Blas Islands.

A business major from the University of San Diego, Lebeau served as ​a marine engineer aboard Honor and liked to explore the nightlife while in port. When he got into trouble, he was often able to get himself out with his witty flirtation and likable personality.

David Bradberry

David Bradberry of Below Deck

David Bradberry comes from Alexandria, La. He immediately joined the Marines after graduating from high school, which enabled him to see the world. While in the Marines, Bradberry was stationed in places like Japan, Liberia, and Italy.

Aside from his day-to-day duties safeguarding classified information, equipment, and American dignitaries, he also had the opportunity to serve on the security details for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

The former Marine is also a strong supporter of many nonprofit organizations, including The Trevor Project and Toys for Tots. Openly gay, Bradberry is in a long-term relationship with Trevor Knight. When not at sea, the couple lives in California.

Eddie Lucas

Eddie Lucas of below Deck

Eddie Lucas is originally from Baltimore. He was raised on the East Coast, where he attended boarding schools and explored recreational diversions on the Chesapeake and Buzzards Bays.

He earned a degree in Adventure Education from Green Mountain College, becoming proficient in rafting, rock climbing, and scuba diving. After surviving a car accident, Lucas embraced life ​​even more, appreciating everything he has.

Lucas was a deckhand on the show.

Kat Held

Kathleen Held of Below Deck

Kat Held hails from Warwick, R.I. She became interested in yachting after a summer of recreational sailing. After several years working as an assistant in a psychiatrist's office, she grew restless and wanted to discover more of what the outside world had to offer.

One day, after watching the yachts come in and out of Newport, R.I., Held picked up a book on how to become a steward and transformed that into her first job as a yacht stewardess in Miami.

A self-described "jokester," Held likes to be the life of the party and always has a list of social events to attend.

Samantha Orme

Samantha Orme of Below Deck

Samantha Orme comes from Palm Harbor, Fla., where yachting is in her blood. She got her start working as a steward for her parents, who chartered a yacht her father had built, by hand, over the course of 20 years.

Orme holds an industrial engineering degree from Florida State University, which she says sets her apart from the typical uneducated yachty drifters. During her senior year at FSU, she worked with NASA redesigning a portion of the Ares I Rocket. A strong-willed leader, Orme likes to get things done "properly" and efficiently.

Along with the other stewards (also known as stews), Orme was responsible for maintaining all aspects of the ship, from cleaning and laundry to make sure the guests' needs were met.