11 Creative Jobs

Careers for Artists and Innovators

Overhead view architect working at computer
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Are you creative? Maybe you have artistic talent and love to paint, take photographs or write. Maybe you aren't creative in that sense, but instead, enjoy coming up with new ways of doing things. However you express your creativity—whether you're an artist or an innovator—here are 11 jobs that may be perfect for you.

1) Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their artistic abilities to communicate messages visually. They design websites, magazines, video games, packaging, promotional displays, and marketing materials. Advertising agencies, design firms, and publishing companies employ them.

2) Landscape Architect

Open spaces, including parks, shopping centers, school campuses, parkways and golf courses, must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. That is why the landscape architects, whose job it is to design them, must be artistically talented as well as technically skilled.

A landscape architect prepares plans, often using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software, analyzes environmental reports and chooses appropriate materials for the projects on which they are working.

3) Computer and Information Systems Manager

It is not traditional artistic talents that computer and information systems managers must draw upon for their jobs. They must instead think creatively when helping organizations develop and meet computer-related goals. After evaluating an entity's computer needs, they figure out creative ways to use hardware, software, and personnel to fill those needs.

4) Public Relations Specialist

If you've ever struggled to find the right words to get your point across, you know what public relations specialists face every day. This job consists of using creativity, strong communication skills, and good judgment to convey information to the public. Not only must public relations specialists know how to write well, but they must also know how to use the proper language to elicit the reaction they want from their audiences.

5) Marketing Manager

Marketing managers develop marketing strategies for companies, which includes deciding how to promote and advertise products and services. This part of the job requires a great deal of creativity. Marketing managers also need strong communication, analytical, decision-making and organizational skills.

6) Photographer

Recording events and telling stories through images requires much more than the ability to use a camera. Photographers need the artistic talent that allows them to use light, color, and shadows effectively. Post-production work which involves manipulating images with photo editing software also requires artistic ability.

7) Software Developer

Sure software developers are computer science geniuses, but they are also extremely creative. If they weren't, how could they figure out how to make our computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers do the things that make them so indispensable to us. As the name implies, they develop software applications as well as operating systems.

8) Biochemist and Biophysicist

Biochemists and biophysicists are engaged in the study of living organisms and their relationship to the environment. Many are researchers who conduct various experiments. Coming up with interesting and useful topics to research requires not only scientific knowledge but creativity as well.

9) Chef or Head Cook

Chefs and head cooks are artists whose medium is food rather than paint, clay or marble. They develop recipes and create menus. They make decisions regarding not only how food will taste, but also how it will look. In addition to creativity, chefs and head cooks must have good communication and time management skills.

10) Teacher

Teachers help students learn and apply concepts in a variety of subjects. Being able to reach all students, each with different learning styles and abilities requires a great deal of creativity. It's hard to imagine many jobs that require more. To be successful as a teacher, one must also be patient and resourceful and have excellent communication skills.

11) Cosmetologist, Hairdressers and Related Workers

Cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians, and skin care specialists enhance their clients' physical appearances by tending to their hair and beauty needs. They cut, style and color hair; apply makeup; and manicure nails. They use their creative abilities for most aspects of their jobs. Cosmetologists, hairdressers and those in related fields must also have excellent customer service, time management, and listening skills.