Care Bears 25th Anniversary

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Celebrating 25 Years of Care Bears

Care Bears 2007. American Greetings

In 2001 Care Bears made a comeback after being in hibernation for years. They were only one of the retro toys that have made a successful comeback in recent times. Think My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake!

American Greetings was smart to bring them back, they've sold over 70 million bears since 2002!

Oopsy Does It

In 2007 the company spotlighted Care Bears Cheer, Share, Funshine, and Grumpy, plus the new addition Oopsy Bear who debuts in a full-length film, "Oopsy Does It" in August. (Oopsy is the middle bear in the picture.)

They also introduced a special limited edition Commemorative 25th Anniversary Care Bear, a silver and white plush Care Bear.

And if you're all grown up, but still love these cute guys -- limited edition anniversary silver jewelry and keepsakes will be sold exclusively at specialty retailers.


How about a new Thanksgiving Day Parade float? Macy's launched a Care Bear float and launch a three-year retail program with Macy's. With other 100 new licenses and exclusives being developed, I would assume Macy's will have a share of Care Bear exclusives as part of this program.

Bottom Line

If you loved these guys in the eighties, there will be lots of new ways to share your love with the youngsters in your life this year. New bears, lots of merchandise, a new film and limited edition jewelry for you.

Source: American Greetings

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Handmade Care Bear

Jim's Care Bear. Barbara Crews

Do you remember how popular Care Bears were 25 years ago?

They ranked right up there with Cabbage Patch dolls! In fact, I stood in several lines and was finally able to buy a Cabbage Patch doll one Christmas, but Care Bears were nowhere to be found.

Solution? I made two of them as Christmas presents. This tattered well-loved bear was made for my son Jim during that crazy time. Grumpy was well-loved, even with his missing ear -- the dog won that fight.

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Care Bear Sold Prices and Values

Care Bear licensed items to include just about everything you can think of including bedding, sleep wear, toys, ornaments, lights, costumes, clothing, books, and of course lots of plush.

With over forty million bears sold between 1983 and 1987, there are plenty of bargains to be found if you want to add to or start a vintage Care Bear collection. Lots of vintage bears sell for under $20, but there are always a few treasures to look for.

Shown are a few recent Care Bears sold on eBay auctions. All of these vintage bears were in used condition, except for the MIB outfits.

  • Prototype Poseable Proud Heart Cat -- $850.
  • Kenner Original Care Bear MIB -- $495.
  • 17" Prize Care Bear (100 made for the contest)-- $448.
  • 13" Noble Heart Horse Care Bear Cousin (UK)-- $428.
  • Care Bears Playsets, Figures, and Castle (MIP) -- $499.
  • Brave Heart Lion Care Bear Prototype -- $222.
  • 13" 1984 Care Bears Surprise Bear(UK- MIB) -- $250.
  • 10 Poseable PVC Care Bears Figures (PVC) -- $175.
  • 1984 Kenner Care Bear GRAMS (MIB) -- $102.
  • 8" Treat Heart Pig (Good) -- $77.
  • 13" I Love You Care Bear (UK) -- $56.
  • Two Grumpy Care Bears, 8" & 4" (2004) -- $53.
  • Cozy Heart Penguin Cousin -- $76.
  • Six vintage Care Bear outfits, MIB $136.
  • Playful Heart Monkey Bear -- $140.
  • Trueheart Care Bear (European version) -- $120.
  • Proud Heart Cat Cousin -- $109.
  • Vinyl 3.5" Care Bear Figures, Lot of 15 -- $91.
  • I Love You Bear -- $60.
  • Care Bear Sea Friend -- $56.