Captain America

Captain America statue.
Pat Loika / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Real Name: Steve Rogers

Location: New York

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (1941) - (Atlas Comics)

Created By: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Team Affiliations: Avengers, SHIELD, Invaders, All Winners Squad

Currently Seen In: ​Captain America, New Avengers


Because of his super soldier serum, Captain America is at the pinnacle of physical human health. Over the years, he has trained his body to be a perfect fighting machine, mastering many different martial arts and types of combat. He is highly acrobatic and uses his speed and agility to always be one step ahead of his foes.

Captain America is also known for his shield, which is made of an indestructible vibranium/admantium alloy. The disc-shaped shield can be thrown with great accuracy and rebound to its owner. It is also impervious to all sorts of attacks, physical, energy, or otherwise. Captain America is so in tune with using his shield that he is able to attack multiple targets, having it bounce and rebound multiple times.

One thing that the Avengers have made him famous for is his expertise in group tactics, always taking the role of leader in battle. His teammates have come to greatly trust in Captain America's ability to lead them into battle, and trust him with their lives.

Finally, although not a superpower per se, Captain America is the ultimate optimist, trusting in the things that make America great. He never gives up hope in the good of humanity and will fight to his last dying breath.

Interesting Fact

Captain America's "indestructible" shield has been destroyed and put back together again - two times.

Main Villains

The Red Skull
Baron Zemo


During World War II, a young Steve Rogers tried to enlist into the military but was turned away due to his frail and sickly body. Steve Rogers was given another chance to serve his country when a General overheard his rejection and offers Steve a chance to fight the Nazis by being a part of a top-secret experiment. Steve agreed.

Steve was given a super-solider serum and was blasted by radiation. After the process, Steve’s body was no longer sickly and frail but the pinnacle of human perfection. Unfortunately, the plans for the super-soldier serum were lost when a Nazi spy killed the scientist who kept the plans secreted away in his mind. Steve was to be the first and last super soldier.

Steve underwent extensive training and was soon put into action as Captain America, fighting Hitler, the Nazi’s and his greatest foe, The Red Skull. But his work was soon cut short when fighting Baron Zemo. He was tied to a rocket with his friend and sidekick, Bucky, and was unable to escape. The rocket exploded, killing Bucky (who in later years was brought back to life as the superhero the Winter Soldier) and sending Captain America to what seemed to be an icy grave in the harsh Atlantic Ocean.

His frozen body was found decades later by the Sub-Mariner, and somehow, Captain America survived. He is a man that is ripped from his own generation, living in the future but never able to escape his past. Instead of sulking, Captain America took the opportunity to continue to fight the good fight and has gone on to lead the Avengers and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This isn’t to say Captain America hasn’t had his share of problems with his own government. He was once asked to resign from being Captain America when he refused to become a government sponsored operative. He resigned, but later came back to stop a pan of The Red Skull to overthrow the government. He decided that the government didn’t own Captain America, the people did, and he vowed to serve them as their protector.

In the famous Civil War storyline, the basis of the 2016 Captain America film, Captain America came into opposition again with the United States Government. He was opposed to the Superhuman Registration Act, which would force all superhuman beings to reveal their identities to the government, and become paid employees, doing what the government says and when. He was in direct opposition to his long-time friend, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man

Regardless of where Captain America is, he is always working to promote freedom and the American Way. He is a stalwart ambassador of all that is good in America, and an opponent to greed, crime, racism, and hatred.