Capricorn Full Moon in All the Houses

Capricorn, the goat
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This Full Moon illuminates survival themes, the wisdom of experience, strong roots and traditions, spiritual ambition and wise actions.

It's a Good Time to Focus on: Self-sufficiency, perseverance, the big dreams, cultural inheritance, financial matters, public image, taking control, personal authority, mastery of skills, getting credentials, strengthening the body (constitution), building real wealth.

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity has mysteries to share, like tuning into ancestral memory. The wisdom of blood and soil are heightened, and a possible source of rare strength, in a time of rootless, synthetic culture. 

Earthly Power

A way to muse on this lunar peak is to entertain Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. It's time for practical magic, with earthy Capricorn upping the drive to tangibly manifest our desires. A huge dose of reality can have a stabilizing effect since we know what we're working with (the medium).

A key is finding traction, a weight for the feet, from the awareness of practical realities -- without being dragged down by it to a point of inertia. With other factors in play, this is heavy magic. Here now, we align longings and purpose, with actions.

Your Forecast by Houses

Capricorn Full Moon in the First House: 

(House of Aries and Mars) Time for a one-person (You) strategic summit.  A big beam is on your Self apart from anyone else -- with the responsibilities and wishes of significant others. This comes after the New Moon (in the Seventh Houses) of being tuned into those you're closest to. Your individuality is shining and sharpens your instincts for staying true to yourself. Themes:  Dressing the part; dressing for your vision of success.  Self-authorized, A dignified public face.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Second House:

(House of Taurus and Venus) The revelations are to do with material worth and values. Are you in sync with how shared funds are being invested? A peak to do with balancing self-sufficiency and the material bolstering coming from others. Illumination on big-ticket items, like homes and proprietorships. The instinct is strong to know what's being built, and whether it will ride out the storms. This supports commonsense decisions, for wisely investing in the future.  Themes: What's Yours and What's Mine?  Stabilizing Abundance

Capricorn Full Moon in the Third House:

(House of Gemini and Mercury) What's visible in the moonlight is the instinct to be an authoritative messenger. Is it time to share your expertise with a wider audience? It's also an inspired time to edit your professional materials, like your bio. What message are you sharing?  It's time to cultivate social ties, in the neighborhood or online. Themes: Expert Scribe, Networking with Colleagues.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Fourth House:

(House of Cancer and the Moon) What riches of discovery lie dormant in your ancestral line? Now is the time to ruminate on the wellspring of private life. Illuminations about the forces that shape you, and its persistent hold, reach a pinnacle. Possibly one for home expansion, renovation, a move, buying or selling. Themes: The Shelter of Home, Memories that form the outline of the life story.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Fifth House:

(House of Leo and the Sun) It's one to get serious about play and your passionate interests. You might re-dedicate yourself to your art, or an artisan craft. The legacy left to children is up, along with being present in their lives in a substantial way.  Alert eyes on love affairs bring endings or deeper commitment. An old flame could reappear on your stage, in dreams or waking life. The instinct to know the path to self-respect and self-expression leads to bold actions, even risky ones. Theme: Work Hard, Play Hard. 

Capricorn Full Moon in the Sixth House:

(House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) Some vigor here on daily life, and its routines. What’s up is Earth School, and learning from doing.  Big moves made to get out of the virtual and into real life with real experience. Could bring on an ending of what's run its course and is a loose end or that destabilizes your day. Bright instincts pulse that guide to wise refinements, purification processes. You make illuminating flashes on health, especially the forming structure -- bones, teeth, immune system. Themes: A satisfying groove.  A public presence, one of generously helping.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Seventh House:

(House of Libra and Venus) The specter of relationships eclipses all else, under this Full Moon. With Capricorn in your Seventh, you have a rare discernment in love, and will forgo a fling, for the real thing. An ending could come from realizing that you’re not sensing the level of commitment. The shake-ups could happen with other significant others like business partners, close friends, enemies or frenemies. A break or a deepening of a bond becomes the new ground to stand on. Theme: Partners in Life's Dance

Capricorn Full Moon in the Eighth House:

(House of Scorpio and Pluto) After looking at your own personal stash and set of gifts and values, now it’s time to pool resources. There could be an ending that’s risky, as it sets off an inner atomic reaction.  But the instinct now is to answer the call of change, wherever it leads – even dying to the life you’ve been living. Strategic instincts are sharp, for actions to deal with debt or an inheritance. The atmosphere here is finding your feet, with anything -- or anyone -- that holds your energy, or that you’re merged with in some way. Power struggles could come to a head, and with dramatic results. Theme: Metamorphosis, Psychic and Emotional Boundaries, Creative seeds released by the fire.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Ninth House:

(House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) A breathless peak to view life with the widest possible lens. Could call for a break with limiting beliefs, and social conditioning that has become confining. Time to initiate new endeavors of learning, that stretch your intellect or test your endurance in another way. Some might flash on a travel adventure, others might travel in the mind and imagination. Let go of calcified beliefs, and soar into new possibilities. Theme: Seeking Practical Wisdom and Timeless Philosophies

Capricorn Full Moon in the Tenth House:

(House of Capricorn and Saturn)  On show now are themes related to life's work, and charting your course to your desired vision of success.  Capricorn in its own astrological house makes you diligent, with your eyes on the prize. You could make changes to do with your calling, like ending a shadow career in favor of the one you really want. Watch for happenings that highlight your reputation, public image or expertise in your field. Your instincts for bold moves regarding your career are sharp.  But there could be endings beyond your control, that make sense only later, with time and reflection. Theme: The Magic of Manifesting

Capricorn Full Moon in the Eleventh House:

(House of Aquarius and Uranus) The phenomenon of shared visions is coming through loud and clear. Are you inspired by those in your friend circle? Do they mirror the public reputation you'd like to cultivate?  Make a new friend to look up to, or break with one that's reached its natural end. Having Capricorn in the house of visions (Eleventh) means you're always seeking ways to walk your talk, make your visions real.  A power move is networking with those actively making their dreams come true. Themes: Social Security. Friends and Allies of Substance.

Capricorn Full Moon in the Twelfth House:

(House of Pisces and Neptune) With Capricorn in your Twelfth House, you're a bit of a nature mystic. You have an instinct for the intelligence of nature. The psychic peak of the Full Moon makes the unseen, buzz with realness. It's one to be still and experience the currents that run through everything. There's a potential for fluency here, for what's supernatural, and that's a bit of a paradox. Be alert to raw material and guidance, from the spirit-filled world. You can emerge from this lunar peak renewed and revived. Theme: Magical Realism, Ancient Earth.