Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Zodiac Compatibility

A Couple and a Guitar
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Both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are cool in love at first. But the Cancer man is just pretending -- his aloofness is simply a defense against feeling too much, too soon.

In reality, he's a big softy afraid of getting hurt, but the friendly ways of the Waterbearer woman help create the space cushion the Crab guy needs to open up.

Some lady Aquarians have an ethereal, unattainable presence. One thing is for sure -- Aquarians love their freedom! If the Cancer guy falls for her, he'll want to wrap his big arms around her -- and not let go. However, the relationship can go south quickly if he clings too much.

The Fastest Way to the Heart

For the Aquarius woman, it's through the bigger mind. Her Sun's planetary ruler is Uranus, the higher octave of messenger Mercury. She comes alive in buzzy conversations or defying the norm. She's impressed by original thinking and a passion for high-minded causes. If you're a trendsetter, and she likes your style, that's a definite plus. She's at home in odd mixes of people, and drawn to unusual atmospheres, from a dive bar to the slickest upscale establishment. Simply put, she likes to be out and about.

The Cancer man's heart opens with care -- as in thoughtfully prepared food and emotional understanding. He'll appreciate cozy touches like soft pillows, warm slippers, and salts for the bath. Soften him up with heartfelt movies, music that moves the soul, and a low-key dinner for two. He's at his best in unhurried, uncrowded places where he's not in sensory overload and likes to be home most of all.

Emotional Trust

After some time dating, if the Cancer man is sure he'll want to claim his woman. Being a cardinal sign, the male Cancer is ambitious, yet happiest in his home sanctuary. Some Cancers are tradition-minded and crave the experience of having a family with kids. The Cancer man shines in the role of father, having that urge to nurture built into his astrological DNA.

The Crab guy likes the mantle of head of the household. For some Aquarians, emotional intimacy is not where they're most at home. But an Aquarian woman with other planets in water signs, especially if its the Moon, her Ascendant or Venus, is sympatico. A strong rapport is needed here, for the Cancer man to give his heart fully. It's an unspoken current that's there or it's not -- Cancer is a ​water sign (feeling) and Aquarius an air sign (thinking).

Many air signs feel secure when there's mental common ground, with feelings secondary. There's a chasm to overcome here, to do with very different natures. But if both want to bridge the gap, it can be done!

Tendencies to Watch For

  • Cancer getting lost in subjective thinking, not seeing outside own feeling world.
  • Aquarius too detached and objective -- using it as a way to avoid one-on-one intimacy.

Erratic Attraction

Cancer man and Aquarius woman are known for being erratic -- Cancer emotionally and Aquarius mentally. Both have the tendency to be a bit crazy and lost in their own worlds. She's a shockwave rider, and defiantly independent. If this feels jarring to the male Crab, he could close up tight.

Some good old-fashioned love and understanding go far: If there's stability in the home and a commitment is an anchor, having a sense of shared purpose seals the deal.