Cancer in Love - Zodiac Compatibility

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Cancer the Crab is the Zodiac sign with the hard outer shell, and squishy insides.

To get intimate with Cancer is to understand that the crustacean defenses are a matter of life or death.  

The Crab is a water sign of intense emotional sensitivity.  It's best to give Cancer a lot of time to hang out, and watching for signs of interest.  Cancer is a mess for the first few dates, hiding behind her hair, or smiling cooly like Mona Lisa.  

Meanwhile, the drama of meeting a potential new love makes waves of tsunami proportions within.  Give her time to know how she feels, a lesson that holds true throughout your affair with the Crab.

Cancer is in many ways the child of the Zodiac, that's wondering if it's worth finding love as a grown-up. A Crab that's been deeply hurt has lost all hope that they'll be loved, like they were in the good ole days (if they had nurturing parents).  

To win the trust of Cancer is to make him feel safe, and well loved.  The Crab has a need, too, to tenderly care for those they love, in the family nest that's created.   

Much with the Crab is unspoken, about sensing the moods, even as they change shape like clouds.  If you're the right one for Cancer, you'll sense the emanation that gives the green light to make a move.  

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Feelers and Pincers 

The young Cancer is often very conflicted, since they are attracted to those that abuse their vulnerability. It seems a rite of passage for the young open-shelled Crab to be sliced and diced by jerks.  

Cancer also has its heart broken by people that aren't mean-spirited, but just very incompatible.  The fire signs, for example, might not be out to scorch Cancer, but it happens. 

In love, Cancer has to grow into emotional independence, and also learn to discern who is right for them, and who makes them retreat further into the shell.  

Cancer is known as a maternal sign, but can be surprisingly selfish when it comes to using others as a security blanket.  He might hold on to an ex lover, for example, until the next love nest is created.  He knows how to appear childlike, and inspire others to take care of him in a motherly fashion.

I read a funny description of Cancer man once, that said when hurt, he punches out as he leaves, full of irrational blaming and just absorbed in his own hurt feels.  In the break-up with Cancer, you see the true loony madness they live with within.    

Cancer is the most subjective sign, meaning they often can't see beyond the mood of the moment.  One upside to this, is that good memories live on to infinity.  

The Crab enjoys dating even more when there's no chance of it being serious.  That's when they show their playful side, and have a friendly, but distant warmth.  

But if they really like you, the Cancer can become strange, especially if it brings all their fears of rejection to the surface.  So just because a Crab runs away when they see you, doesn't mean they don't like you -- it could mean the opposite!  

The Cancer has a world of feelings, and often they build up, and take on a life of their own.  That's why they erupt into inexplicable tantrums, from built up resentment or rage.  Being with a Cancer means sensing those silent but deadly build-ups, and wondering what to do about it!  

The Loyalty Test

Cancer really wants the kind of love that will endure all their lunar phases (moods).  It's a paradox of their nature that they crave stability, but are themselves so erratic emotionally.  And at times, unreliable.  

Just because you have won their trust, doesn't mean they'll stick around.  The Crab has a drama to play out, as part of its growing to emotional maturity, and you may simply be playing a supporting role.  

Cancers often test potential friends and lovers, to see how far that loyalty goes.  Some use this in self-destructive ways, to reinforce the belief that nobody loves them and they'll die alone.  

To love a Cancer is to see their eyes brimming with tears at the memory of the day you met.  And to plunge into the nightmares of the past that keep them from fully trusting ever again.  

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