Cancer and Aquarius Love Compatibility

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The Cancer and Aquarius pairing brings together people made of very different star dust. Cancer approaches life with its sensitive, emotional feelers, while Aquarius has one foot in another dimension.

Much will depend on the other energies in the chart. The more airy Waterbearers lean toward the detached end of the spectrum. They relate to concepts and currents.

It's hard for the feeling Moonchild to find something to count on. "You feel me?" the Cancer says. To which the ultra cool Aquarian responds with distant eyes, for they are dreaming of the future.

Hot and Cold

The Aquarian crystal soul that intrigues others makes the Moonchild very insecure. That's because the Aquarian doesn't belong to anyone and is loyal to the call from the great beyond. 

The Crab is in standing water emotionally and wants to have company there. Sometimes it seems to the Aquarian that Cancer is a 'misery loves company' kind of person. 

But it's just that Cancer is oriented toward the invisible bonds of family and friends, and is often working on them to make them stronger. Meanwhile, Aqua repels any attempts to tie a cord, as a threat to his or her need to stay a free agent. 

So you see how Cancer and Aquarius are at cross purposes, often simply due to natural proclivities in love. Cancer wants security, especially emotional, and for them, it's hard to truly trust, even in committed bonds. Aquarius often craves creative chaos, the kind that busts up the habits or assumptions of life. And that can become a sticking point and tough to overcome. 

Inside Looking Out - Outside Looking In

There's some sexual electricity here, but often not enough to overcome the gulf between them. Aquarius dwells in the realm of the abstract and is happier engaging with more than one person. Cancer first seeks to build on intimate ground, before going further with a relationship. Both see giant red flags on the first date. But hang on, if you sense chemistry, there are likely other factors (Moon, Venus, Rising) in play!

If the attraction continues, look into these other astrological factors for common ground. Aquarius offers a gift to Cancer in its non-judging outlook. Aquarius is a sign said to calm people who are on edge. Being very submerged at times in its subjective reality, Cancer is intrigued by the far-seeing Aquarian vision. When Cancer sets up a stable, nourishing home, Aquarius can be the voice of reason in the family, while exploring the foreign realm of intimacy.

Both are compassionate, but express it in different ways. They're a formidable team if they pool their resources for the greater good. But the social Aquarius can often be found mixing it up out in the world when the Moonchild just wants to cuddle on the couch. What the Cancer finds cozy, can be stifling and way too domestic for the on-the-move Aquarian.

Cancer is a very family-oriented sign, and Aquarius chafes at any limits to its freedom. The issues of freedom and togetherness will have to be ironed out for this to work. This pair gets extra points for the "degree of difficulty," making relating a sublime accomplishment.

Upside: Always changing; compassionate pair with strong social conscience; enjoy extended family and friendships; innate sense of humanitarianism; deep curiosity about people and reality.

Downside: Both tend to isolate and be secretive with feelings; challenge to build trust—each has different needs in relationship; defensive traits come into play.

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