Can You Wear Tights or Pantyhose with Open-Toed Shoes?

Should you break this fashion rule?

Stockings with peep-toe shoes
Some women hate the look of tights with peep-toe shoes, but others embrace this controversial style. Kirstin Sinclair/ Getty Images Entertainment

Whatever your hosiery preference, whether you love to mix and match opaque tights with skirts and dresses, or are fond of the flawless look of sheer pantyhose, you've probably shied away from legwear due to the fact that bare legs have been "in".

Fashion magazines might say that pairing any sort of hosiery with open-toed shoes is a definite 'No!' but we say rules are made to be broken.

Practically Speaking

This advice might be great if we lived in a world free of varicose veins and bruises; in which we all loved our legs; and in which we never got cold. But that's not the world most of us live in. In fact, it's a world some of us have never even visited.
Granted, it doesn't create a polished, professional, sexy or even marginally attractive look to have bunched up pantyhose sticking out the ends of your shoes, but just because some people wear gravy-stained t-shirts doesn't mean none of us should wear t-shirts -- it just means we need to wear them well.

Pantyhose styles with a reinforced toe will certainly look tacky sticking our of the tips of your shoes. However, the right pair of tights can look totally seamless. And, depending on how large the opening of the shoe is, you may find it is barely noticeable.

Where to Find Toeless Tights

Several manufacturers have even started to produce toeless or "open toed" hose, so you can rock your favorite peep-toe heels without fear. Some favorite options include HUE's So Sexy Toeless Pantyhose and Berkshire's Hose Without Toes. While we're a fan of this option for sheer, skin tone hosiery, we can't help put think toeless tights look a bit odd when rocking a less 'natural' color. It is a bit disconcerting to see a leg clad in black or grey tights with flesh-colored toes peeping out from the shoes.​

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, fashion is meant to be a fun, frivolous way we can express our own personal styles. If you love the look of tights in open-toed shoes, who are we to steer you away? If you feel beautiful and confident we say, dress your feet however you like!