Callaway GES Golf Set: Company's First Set for Women Golfers

Callaway GES (Game Enjoyment System) set of golf clubs for women
Callaway GES (Game Enjoyment System) set, aimed at beginning women golfers. Callaway Golf

When Callaway Golf released the GES set of women's golf clubs, it was a new venture for the company: The GES set was Callaway's first set of women's golf clubs.

The GES stands for "Game Enjoyment System," and the clubs in the set were ultra-game improvement for their time period There were also only seven clubs in the set, simplifying things for the beginning women golfers to whom the clubs were targeted.

The Callaway GES was originally released early in 2004. It was later replaced in the Callaway lineup by Strata and Solaire sets for women golfers.

Buying Callaway GES Clubs Used

In the past, we've seen the Callaway GES set of women's clubs turn up used in golf shops specializing in used clubs, as well as online. We've even seen never-used, still-boxed sets offered by overstock and clearance outlets. But not so much anymore. They are harder to find used today simply because of the passage of time.

You can check Amazon with this link, but you're more likely to turn up Callaway's newer women's sets, such as Solaire and Strata:

Below is our original article about this set from the time of their introduction.

Original Report: Callaway Aims to Make Golf More Easily Enjoyable for Women

Jan. 29, 2004 - Callaway Golf Company is taking aim at women. Specifically, beginning women golfers for whom a traditional set of golf clubs can prove difficult to master (as they can for all of us!).

Callaway's new Game Enjoyment System (GES) consists of seven clubs, a stand bag, headcovers and a guidebook that explains the set and provides yardage and usage guidelines for each club.

"We think GES is a unique solution to a very common problem - many golfers find the game of golf too hard," said Ron Drapeau, Chairman and CEO of Callaway Golf. "This is especially true for beginners or those who don't have the opportunity to play very often. The GES is an excellent way to simplify the game and make it more enjoyable through innovative design."

GES has seven clubs, half as many as the 14-club limit imposed by the Rules of Golf. That certainly simplifies the decision process in choosing which club to play. The seven clubs are comprised of three stainless steel metal woods, three stainless steel irons, and a putter. All the clubs are designed to perform in a variety of situations and over a wide range of yardages.

To achieve that goal, each club in the Game Enjoyment System was designed with function placed before form. This is visible in the unique design of the woods, which have lots of offset and an "open-top" construction. This design lowers the center of gravity to help golfers with slower swing speeds get shots airborne more easily, while helping to square the clubhead at impact for better results. The three woods in the GES set are the Driver (up to 190 yards), Long Fairway Wood (up to 175 yards) and Short Fairway Wood (up to 150 yards).

The three irons in GES also have been designed to provide function over form. The large, square face area of each iron helps golfers line up their shots more accurately, and the larger hitting area can inspire more confidence. This design also includes a large, radiused sole to help the club glide through turf and sand without digging. Another advantage of the bottom-heavy design is a low center of gravity, which helps shots soar high and land softly. The three irons included in GES are the Long Iron (up to 140 yards), Mid Iron (up to 115 yards) and Short Iron (50 yards and in). Each iron and wood in GES have a lightweight GES graphite shaft designed specifically for the Game Enjoyment System.

The final club in GES is a mallet putter with a distinctive alignment design to help players improve their accuracy on the greens. GES also includes a colorful golf bag with three matching headcovers for the woods in the set. The bag has a detachable pouch for storing valuables and the GES guidebook, which functions as a handy reference guide to getting the most benefit from each club in the bag.

The new Game Enjoyment System conforms to the Rules of Golf as administered by the USGA and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. The suggested retail price of GES is $625 and it is available in right-handed models only.

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